USA Sports 300lb Olympic Weight Set Review

Usa Sports 300lb Weight Set

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The Usa Sports Weight set built solid. A great Beginner set.



Priced extremely well for everything that comes with it.


Our Rating

This is a great set for those looking to start out. Not the top of the heap set but definitely great for those just starting out.

The barbell that comes with this set is a Troy barbell. It is not the strongest bar on their product list but that is why the price of the set itself is not that high. The barbell is 7 foot long and 45lbs. It has a center knurl which is perfect for those looking to use the bar for squats. The Olympic barbell means that the sleeves of the bar are 2" in diameter.

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Decent Knurl

The barbell has a  decent knurling aggression. Meaning the grip on the barbell itself is pretty good. It wont tear your hands apart and it isn't like it barely exists either. It is a nice amount of grip. This barbell is perfect for beginners to the gym. You may want to upgrade this barbell in the future as you begin to get stronger.

Poor Weight Capacity

The biggest problem with the barbell is the fact that it is not a top of the heap barbell. It doesn't have a large weight capacity. It is rated at 600lbs which is actually on the lighter side when it comes to barbells.  Like I said before you may want to upgrade to a better barbell as you progress in your strength journey.

Standard Plates

The weight plates that come with this set are actually really good. They are Standard plates. Standard plates are common among many commercial gyms. They are made solid and in my experience there is very minimal discrepancy between the plates themselves. The hole of these weight plates fit any bar that has sleeves of 2" in diameter.

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Cast-Iron vs Machined

The plates are cast Iron meaning that they are poured instead of machined. This is important because milled or machined weight plates are the best on the market. They are the most accurate but the cast-iron plates are the commercial gym standards.

Whats included?

This set includes 300lbs of weight including the 45lbs of the barbell. It has (2) 45lbs plates, (2) 35lbs Plates, (2) 25lbs plates, (2) 10lb plates, (4) 5lbs plates, and (2) 2.5lbs plates.  It also includes a couple of barbell clips allowing the user to keep the plates from shifting on the barbell.


When you are looking to get into starting your own gym you are going to need a barbell and some weights to go along with it. It is that simple. If you are doing the right lifting then it will require a bar and some plates. However, when you are going about researching your weight set you should know where you are when it comes to your experience in the gym. 

If you are a beginner and looking just to get started then this weight set is perfect for you. It is priced well. The bar is perfect for someone just getting started on their lifting journey and the weight plates are actually really good and will last you for a very long time. 

It is a very good set, it is not a great set. It is built well and it will last you a very long time as long as you take care of it. Just like anything else in this world. If you are a seasoned lifter then you should look at other a different weight set. The only limiting factor for this set is the barbell itself, a 600lb weight capacity is very low. Again beginners, generally speaking wont be using 600lbs at first so that is why this weight is great for those just starting out.


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    Solid build
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    Perfect for beginners


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    Poor weight capacity