About Us

Ian Warner Athletic Courage

The picture above is me on route to making the 2012 Olympics. It took me 14 years of training to reach that moment. My only focus for many years was getting strong, faster and developing more courage.

The stronger and the faster is obvious, but courage is undervalued because no one can succeed without. Courage is what starts the journey to success. You need courage to stand out and to live your life to the fullest.
Athletic Courage is focused on helping you with these three things so that you can live our your full athletic potential. No one can be an athlete forever, meaning that you only have so much time to make the most of your athletic dreams. No one is going to do it for you.
You are going to need all the help you can get, and that is where athletic courage comes in. Get ready to enjoy a wild ride to success. It is not always going to be easy but it is more than possible.

Get Faster

Speed kills! We know this to be true in almost every sport. The faster you are the more of a problem you are for your opponents. What a lot of people do not tell you is that speed can be trained. You can work on your technique and practice your sprinting and actually improve the skill. Running fast is a skill that is no different than learning to play an instrument or any other skill.

Get Stronger

Getting strong is important because it can help you to apply more force to excel in your sport, but it can also help you to be stronger. There is no athlete that does not want to be healthy or perform better. You have to build this building block no matter what sport you play.

More Courage

The ability to make a change, or aim to be the be the best requires having courage. You are setting goals and being ambitious and you really put yourself out there when you do that. No one accomplishes anything great without courage because you end up being too timid to succeed.