Under Armour Men’s Kick Sprint Spike

With all of the track spikes for sale on the market, how can you possibly tell which one is right for you? Well, you won't know until you start trying them! For example, I bought mine last season, and unfortunately, I made a bad decision. To me, they were eye-catching and looked really nice, but the sub-par quality of the track spikes left my feet covered in blisters. Since I made the mistake, I've decided to review Under Armour's collection of track spikes so that you don’t have the same unpleasant experience! 

In just 11 years, the brand, Under Armour has made it's way to the top of the sports industry. It is considered by many to be one of the top sports brands, despite being “the youngest” among other brands who have paved the way in the sports industry such as Nike and Adidas.

Why Under Armour?

Under Armour was originally a T-shirt company that was founded by student at the University of Maryland. It has since left its mark on the style and dress of many of the World's most prominent and all well known athletes. ​

Under Armour originally sold single T-shirts that keep athletes cool, dry, and light even in warm conditions, and in a period of 10 years, Under Armour transformed itself into a global brand. It now offers a much more extensive line of products including:

  • Running spikes
  • Baseball spikes
  • Basketball sneakers
  • A much larger selection of clothing/workout gear. Ex-Shirts, Shorts, Sweats, Golf Pants/Polos, Socks, Compression shorts, etc.
  • Other sports equipment 

Under amour has even endorsed professional athletes such as Brandon Jennings and most notably, Stephen Curry. Both professional basketball players. They also provide equipment and gear for various professional/collegiate athletic teams. Under Armour has paved the way for sports advertising and branding for many current and future brands and making.

Under Armour is well known for their quality selection of running shoes. We have put together our list of the best running spikes that Under Armour has to offer. Check it out below so that you can choose the perfect pair for yourself:

Under Armour Men’s Kick Sprint Spike

under armour

The Kick Sprint spike has a mesh heel that provides the support, breathability, and overall comfortability that will make the difference in your next race! This shoe's seamless fit interior moves together with each stride you take. The toe box of the spike is specially designed to offer flexibility and proper ventilation. Under Armour aimed at bringing a running sprint spike that will aid athletes in dominating their races. In order to do so, the Kick Sprint spike is made with ¾ length Pebax cleat plate that is ultra-strong and flexible, allowing for explosive propulsion. The removable 6-pin track spike outsole is also included to give athletes the perfect traction that is needed to accelerate and maintain top speeds.

under armour
under armour

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Also consider the type of running you do. We recommend these track spikes for sprinters. 


If you are looking for long distance, or cross country spikes, we have few alternatives that you may be interested in. Continue reading to check out a few of our top recommendations: 

Under Armour Bandit XC Men's Spikes

under armour
under armour

The Bandit XC spikes are ideal for muddy cross country runners who partake in races as long as 10 kilometers. They are aggressive spikes that have very sticky traction.

Ideal for rough conditions, the Bandit XC spikes have an extended ankle collar that prevents debris from entering inside the shoe. It has a "Michelin Wildgripper" outsole for enhanced multi-directional traction. They also include a 4-pin spike plate, which offers additional traction to dig deep. Finally, the lightweight "pebax plate" on the forefoot of the shoe is stiff and responsive.

For ultimate performance in the roughest conditions, the Under Armour Bandit XC Mens's Spike delivers ultimate traction in a sleek, lightweight package.

For long distance and cross-country runners, we also recommend: 

The Under Armour XC Brigade

The XC Brigade spikes are very similar to the Bandit XC spikes, but if you looking for a quality running spike that is just a bit cheaper, then XC Brigade spikes might be for you.

under armour

The XC Brigade spikes are ideal for rough and muddy conditions, and include a similar 4-pin spike plate thats delivesr a responsive spike on race day. The forefoot is made of sticky rubber, which increases your traction, and ultimately helps you conquer the toughest courses. To keep weight down, this shoe also features a lightweight mesh upper that offers a snug fit. Whether you are racing for the win or simply seeking a new PR, the Under Armour XC Brigade Men's Spike delivers ultimate traction in a fashionable, lightweight package.

You won’t regret visiting any your closest Under Armour store to check out the spikes we selected for you. They are fairly priced and top quality. Just make sure you are looking for the right ones depending on the race, kind of running you do, or landscape you are running on. Under Armour has something to help everyone dominate their next race!