BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle

BluePeak Protein Shaker


Made of durable materials tested in the US. With each of the BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottles comes a shaker ball and mixing grid.



BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle is priced at $11.49. Considering that you get 2 bottles for $11.49, this is a fairly good price for 2 shakers.


Our Rating

BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottles are a very good choice for well-mixed, smooth protein shakes. The Dual Mixing Technology works perfectly by blending the thickest ingredients of your protein drinks.

BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle is a unique product that allows you to have 2 same-sized, protein shaker bottles for the price of 1. Their quality is undoubtedly recognizable. The Dual Mixing Technology includes a shaker ball and mixing grid in each bottle, so you can choose which technology when to use it. BluePeak Protein Shaker has a 28oz capacity, (each bottle), therefore you have enough volume to store your favorite pre-workout or post-workout shakes. It is proven to be top-rack dishwasher safe, as well as BPA-free.

The bottom body is made of a rigid plastic material, giving the shakers sturdy feel overall. The mixing grid and the shaker ball work perfectly by mixing your protein shake without leaving any lumps. The only way you should use them is one at a time. 

On the other hand, we must have in mind the customers' experiences before purchasing this shaker. Although the most of them said the shakers met all of their needs perfectly, there are others pointing at their negative characteristics. 

On the negative side, you might experience poor closing mechanism of the lids, as well as difficulty when dishwashing it. This is mainly caused by the harsh angles on the underside of the lids so when you shake, the protein powder gets stuck between those harsh angles and the edge of the lid.

Furthermore, these are 28oz shakers, but you will find measurement markings up to 20oz. They are still respectfully large tho. 



  • check
    Dual mixing technology
  • check
    28-ounce capacity
  • check
    Dishwasher safe


  • check
    Poor closing mechanism of the lids
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    Edges on the inside make it harder to clean