Cap Barbell Power Rack Review

Cap Barbell Power Rack

Power rack


Not the greatest power rack on the market. Good for a beginner



Priced extremely well


Our Rating

This power rack is not made for the seasoned lifter. It is a great starting power rack and it is priced to sell.


This power rack is made of steel, Yup that's right steel. You would think that I am being sarcastic and you would be right. It is decent power rack but it is not the best constructed power rack on the market. It is made up of 12 and 14 gauge steel and has a foot print of (D x W x H) 46-Inch x50-Inch x85-Inch. This is a very tall piece of furniture and is actually pretty good at handling people doing pull ups on it. 

It isn't the worst power rack on the market but it does not have the same feel as many other power racks I have had the pleasure of using. The single post design may save on space but it does not save on strength. It feel s little flimsy at times when a larger load is on it. That is why I say this is a beginners power rack.


This power rack performs extremely well for what it is priced at. That however does not mean much. It has good spacing between the holes so finding your right rack height is not going to be that hard.

The rubber end stops on the bottom of the rack help to keep it from slipping if the rack is not bolted down to the floor. However because it is a single post design if it is not bolted down to the floor there is a greater change for the rack to actually tip backwards when putting a barbell away. 

The width of the unit is good as well. It leaves enough space for the athlete to not have to back all the way out of the foot print of the rack in order to get good  foot spacing. 


Welcome to the reason this Power rack is on this list. Since we are talking about beginners in the game of home gyms then this power rack will fit nicely right in there. You will also need a power rack to get in your squats. Without a power rack you are not going to really reach your goals especially when ti comes to your squats at least. The Price of this power rack however makes it so virtually anyone can set up a home gym with out any real issues. 


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    Saves Space


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    Single post design
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    Flimsy at times