Classic Protein Mixer Shaker Bottle

Classic Protein Mixer Shaker


Classic Mixer Protein Shaker is made of durable plastic.  Comes with twist and lock protein compartment, as well as a plastic shaker ball.



Priced at $8.99, Classic Mixer Protein Shaker is affordable for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on shaker bottles. 


Our Rating

Classic Mixer Protein Shaker is not the best shaker you can find in the market. It is made of plastic, but it's definitely worth the money!

Classic Protein Mixer is a plastic, BPA-free protein shaker, which offers excellent value for money. Knowing it is made of plastic, you have to be aware of the possibility to break more easily than other non-plastic shakers. It doesn't mean that it has to break, but let's just keep that in mind. Classic Protein Mixer Shaker contains twist and lock protein compartment where you can store your supplements or protein powder. It includes 24oz capacity, a detachable protein box, and a plastic whisk.

The jars are extremely practical as they come with an interlocking facility, allowing you to use them with or without the shaker bottle.

Moreover, it is 100% BPA-free as well as dishwasher safe.

Classic Protein Mixer Shaker

The few complains that customers had about Classic Mixer Protein Shaker, are about its design. In order for the protein shaker not to leak, you have to make sure the lid is screwed on very carefully and deliberately. Otherwise there is a chance for the drink to drips down your shirt.

Moreover, a certain amount of the protein powder can be stuck in the plastic shaker ball, which may cause your shaker cup to get that moldy smell, and furthermore, can be frustraiting to get out. In order to prevent this, make sure you rinse out the shaker ball after having your protein drink.

Over all, Classic Protein Mixer Shaker is a very nice design, compact, and provides you well-prepared, smooth protein shake, without any clumps. Although It is liable to breakage as it is made out of plastic, it's still worth the money!


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    Dishwasher safe
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    BPA and Phthalate-free
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    Jars with an Interlocking facility


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    Hard to read measurement numbers
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    Might be difficult to clean