Cyclone Cup Protein Shaker Bottle

Cyclone Cup Protein Shaker


Cyclone Cup Protein Shaker Is made of sturdy plastic.



Priced at $20.00, this is probably one of the most expensive shakers among the ones with same quality.


Our Rating

The Cyclone Cup Shaker promises to provide a perfect, smooth, protein shake, as its patented mixing technology is very innovative and arouses customer's interest. Up until now, it has turned out to be a decent product for the price it holds.

Whether you are a professional athlete or doing sport occasionally, you want to enjoy a perfectly blended smoothie or protein shake afterwards. Some shaker bottles often leave your protein shake full with lumps, due to the poor mixing system of the shaker itself. According to Cyclone, other shaker bottles are inefficient as items, such as wire whisk balls which flows with the liquid inside, and that way don’t produce the best results.

Cyclone says they have changed the way shaker bottles work with its unique patented technology. The shaker uses stationery technology which moves against the flow of the ingredients. This leads to smoother end result. Cyclone Cup Shaker has a 20oz mixing compartment, plus 6oz dry storage compartment at the very bottom of it.

Customers' experiences tell us that the stationery technology worked reasonably well as it effectively ripped through the wet and dry ingredients leaving a smooth shake. Cyclone Cup Protein Shaker also contains a locking lid, preventing further unwanted events to happen, such as spilling your shake after you blend it.

In addition, Cyclone Cup Protein Shaker doesn't hold the nasty sink smell once you have your protein shake. It is also very eye-catchy as it comes in a variety of colors.

Speaking of why Cyclone Cup Shaker got 4 stars instead of 5, we have to mention the difficulty you may face while cleaning it. We all know how important it is for them to be easily disassembled and cleaned.

In addition, you will have to shake the bottle fairly rigorously in order to have your shake perfectly smooth. The aforementioned cap and lid must be carefully attached or there will be leaks.


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    Patented Cyclone technology
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    Maximizes the stream of kinetic energy for superior mixing
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    100% BPA/DEHP-FREE


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    Might be difficult to clean
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    The quality of the cup might not be satisfying