HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker Bottle

HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker


On ohe hand we have thousands of reviews that speak about the good quality of HydraCup Dual Shaker, and on the other hand, many customers talk about easily breakable shaker bottle.



HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker is priced at $14.99. It's not among the most expensive shakers, as it is a unique product with two separate compartments.


Our Rating

Hydracup Dual Protein Shaker is a unique shaker bottle. It contains two compartments divided in the middle. It is a good way to store two different protein shakes, or your pre-workout and your post-workout drink in one bottle. But the compartments are smaller, as the volume is for both sides of the bottle. That can be an issue if you prefer having a larger dose of post-workout protein shake. 

The design of HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker is very cool. You can use it for two different purposes at the same time. Store your keys or money in one part of the shaker and make your perfectly mixed chocolate shake in the other one. HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker is 28oz total, so that means the two compartments make 14oz each side. There comes the first unlikely moment when choosing this shaker. The design itself is very enthusiastic, and significantly reduces the number of different containers you need to bring with you. But regardless of that, you might not find HydraCup Dual shaker useful, as its divided compartments don't offer enough space for 2 cups of protein powder. 

HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker
HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker

          HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker is made in the US and it's definitelly BPA - free.

          One more positive feature is that the divided compartments of HydraCup Dual Protein Shaker have separate lids.            Therefore, it won't come to mixing both shakes in a bag.

          On the negative side, we have to mention the durability of the container in general. Although thousands of reviews              say this is one long lasting protein shaker, we must mention the areas of possible break down. The locking caps of                 some HydraCup Dual Shakers don't lock properly, and therefore there is a risk of spilling your drink in your bag, all                  over your jacket etc. Pretty inconvenient, right? The lid on the top of the HydraCup Dual Shaker can be also fragile                 and allow the drink to leak outside of it.  Overall, what customers' experience tells us, is the whole design can be liable          to easily breakage.

         Another negative characteristic of HydraCup is the smell some bottles have after dishwashing them.


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    Motivational design slogans
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    Hiking loop for attaching keys or securing to your backpack
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    Dual Mix Gridz pulverizes two of your favorite powders at the same time


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    One bottle might not fit all of your protein powder and water