Maca Tea

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Maca Tea

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High quality/efficiency. Maca tea has a slew of health benefits that have historically been used to treat an array of ailments. It originated in Peru.





Our Rating

We have given maca tea a 4.5 out of 5 rating! We love the health benefits that are associated with drinking maca tea. Continue reading to learn a bit more about maca tea. 

Maca Tea & Sex Drive 

Maca tea has been heavily marketed to increase libido in both men and women. You may be asking; What is libido? Well, libido is essentially sexual desire. That's right, a simple herb can naturally boost your sex drive. A 2010 study concluded that maca tea does, in fact, improve sexual desire. 

Other Health Benefits

Maca tea is also very nutritious. One ounce of maca root poweder contains:

  • 91 calories
  • 20 grams of carbohydrates
  • 4 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of fat

You can also take a look at the following breakdown of the elemnts that make up the nutritional value of maca tea:

  • 60-75% carbohydrates 
  • 10-15% proteins
  • 8.5% fiber
  • 2% lipids

It also contains the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin C- 133% of the RDI
  • Copper- 85% of the RDI
  • Iron- 23% of the RDI
  • Potassium- 16% of the RDI
  • Vitamin B6- 15% of the RDI
  • Managense- 10% of the RDI

Furthermore, Maca tea has been futher associated with:

  • Increased Fertility in Men
  • Reduced Prostate Size
  • Relieving Symptoms of Menopause
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Energy; Boost In Sports Performance
  • Protection From Ultraviolet Rays When Applied To Skin
  • Improved Learning and Memory 


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    Maca tea has been used for years by   many to help treat various ailments, as well as improving   other areas of your general health! 
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    Maca tea is very affordable and easy   to make! 


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    Some Peruvian   natives have noted that they believe      that fresh maca root may have reverse health effects.     Always boil it first! 
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    Maca tea is not recommended for people who have thyroid problems. It contains goitorgens- substances that may interfere with thyroid gland functioning.