Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes

Nordic Lifting

nordic lifting


The Nordic Lifting weightlifting shoe is one of the nicest shoes on this list. Built to last for a very long time.


Our Rating

These are personally my favorite weightlifting shoe we have looked at. They aren't highly known but they are extremely well built.

Heel Construction

The highest heel on this list. Coming in at 1.4 inches. That is a big heel. This may be a big adjustment for those who have never trained with a heel before. So before you go ahead and move on these shoes you should consider all of that. However if you are okay with the heel being aggressive then you will be happy. They are built very well. The Heel construction is made to last. You can tell that they are made to be used with heavy weights. They are supper solid and leave the user feeling like they are on a very stable base.


Nordic Lifting is not a very well known company. Many people will pass them over because they are not the Nike, or the Adidas of the world. However these weightlifting shoes should not be in obscurity they are an amazing shoe. 


A great performer. The shoe is true to fit, and the heel being 1.4" does not effect you as much as you think it would. If anything it gets you into a really good lifting posture. They feel good and they are stable under a 600lb squat. So They will get you what you need. They are not heavy but they are also not super light. Which to me for them being labeled a powerlifting shoe is a benefit. You want to feel like your feel are locked down into the platform and these definitely achieve this.


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