Performa Perfect Protein Shaker Bottle

Performa Perfect Protein Shaker


Its cool design, the incorporated Actionrod Technology, and leak-proof guarantee, make the Performa Perfect Protein Shaker as perfect as its name describes it.



Priced at $15.99, it's not one of the cheapest shakers you can find. But the design is unique so the price might be reasonable since it offers good quality.


We dearly recommend Performa Perfect Protein Shaker Bottle, as it offers good mixing system, durability and an eye-catchy design. 


Being BPA tested and Phthalate tested, Performa Perfect Protein Shaker gives you the safest supplement consumption. Performa Perfect Protein Shaker is designed to endure the wear and tear. Thanks to its unique design, this shaker bottle has been optimized to ensure that no matter how the cap is used, it will not leak.

Its patented Actionrod Technology combines the agitator and the rod in a way they provide perfectly blended protein shakes. The quality plastic that is used as a material for this shaker bottle, has a key role in how shatter resistant the Performa Perfect Protein Shaker is. Performa Perfect Shaker Bottles are made of specialized polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity. Therefore, the durability of this shaker is doubtless.

Rest assured, the Performa Perfect Protein Shaker is 100% dishwasher safe.

The only possible factor that may affect consumers not to buy the Performa Perfect Protein Shaker, would be the drink hole design. Some customers say that they found the drinking hole a bit smaller, but we believe it's an individual thing as we haven't had that problem with our Performa Protein Shaker.


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    Very easy to clean
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    Great graphics
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    Actionrod Tech for perfect protein shake


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    Smaller drink hole design
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    Plastic rod attached to the top of the protein shaker