Fuel Pureformance Adjustable Plyo Box Review

Fuel Pureformance Plyo Box

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This plyo box is made of solid materials and performs extremely well



Very good pricing for an adjustable plyo box


Our Rating

Having used this product for everything from box jumps to box squats, with over 600+ pounds and it performed well every single time, I recommend this product to any and all looking for a plyo box.


When you get the Fuel Pureformance plyo box it comes in a small box, and it will require you to assemble it yourself. Comes with the top platform, four legs, four steel plates, the nuts and bolts to assemble it. The steel used is substantial. When you put the plyo box together make sure you tighten down the nut and bolt as tight as you can. 

Once you have your plyo box assembled, you can adjust it to different heights with the simple push of a button on each leg. At no point does this product feel really weak and it can support a man or women up to 250lbs. At least that is what it claims. However, I have used this box for box squats with over 600+, and it performed exceptionally well.

There are points in which a user could see a potential for failure, however. That would be right where those buttons are. If the push button fail, then the corresponding leg will fail as well, and the entire thing will collapse. Overall, however, this product feels and performs like a piece of equipment that is going to be in your gym for a very long time.


You wouldn't believe it, but you can do more than plyometrics on a plyo box. I know it took me for a loop as well... I am only kidding. The facts are though with this particular plyo box the fact that it is entirely adjustable just adds to its versatility. If you are looking to add a piece of equipment to your arsenal, then this could and possibly should be your next bet.

A big plus for this plyo box is the top. Covered in some of the most aggressive grip tapes I have come across. Your feet will not slip anywhere with this grip tape. It is more aggressive than any skateboard I have felt, and you can assure you would slide when jumping onto this plyo box.

You can adjust it from 14. 18, and 22 inches. At the 14" level it is great for those looking to get into doing some box jump variations or step ups. What I have used the 14" level for more than anything is for box squats. It is a perfect height for having the hip joint sit below the knee joint (which is competition depth in powerlifting).


When is the last time you came across an adjustable plyo box that was cheaper than a brand new 90# dumbbell? Never, the fuel pureformance plyo box is the most affordable flexible plyometric box I have ever seen. The quality to price ratio is completely off as well.  The quality and strength of this product far exceed the price. I recommend this product to any athlete, novice or advanced.


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    Solid build
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    Grip Tape Top


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