Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar OH1



The Polar OH1 has a solid construction. Made much like all of their other products.



The Polar OH1 is priced right where it need to be compared to other comparable devices at $79


Our Rating

We here at Athletic Courage think this is a great device. It is easy to use, comfortable, accurate, and it has the ability to store up 200 hours of training data. Its great to go train without the distraction of your phone!

The Polar OH1 is a great heart rate monitor. It is simple to use and it is comfortable with a soft strap that is fully adjustable. It has a solid construction. Which is important. It does not feel cheap and feels like it would last the user a very long time.

The Polar OH1 is compatible with a wide awry of BLE/bluetooth devices but it does not have the ability to connect to any ANT+ devices.

This is a great device for any and all athletes who are not a fan of chest strap monitors but rely on heart rate data to track their training. It can go on the upper arm or the forearm. So having a full adjustable device that is both comfortable and reliable is a bonus for anyone who uses it.

This heart rate monitor is great for the lifting athlete. It is also good for the combat sport athlete. A chest strap monitor can actually cause damage if there is some contact to the chest area. The forearm position of the OH1 is going to save any possible injury and keep your heart rate data coming.


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    200 Hours Of Storage
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    Adjustable Strap
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    No ANT+
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    Proprietary Charger