RumbleRoller Foam Roller Review

RumbleRoller Review



The RumbleRoller is made of quality, high density foam.



The RumbleRoller is on the higher end of pricing, but you get what you pay for. It is one of the more quality foam rollers. For the 12" version, it costs $44.95. For the 31" version, it costs $69.95


Our Rating

The RumbleRoller is an excellent foam roller. We love that you have the option to choose between two different intensities. Both, however, are what we would consider to be aggressive. 

Masseuse  In Your Pocket

The RumbleRoller is almost like having massage therapist in your training bag. Okay, maybe not that excessive, this is a high-end foam roller! The RumbleRoller comes in 2 different lengths/intensities. A 12" version for more targeted work (rough) and a 31" version for more widespread work (extremely rough).

No Rookies Allowed

The RumbleRoller is not for beginners. At first, It hurts and it may be too much. If you can get past the initial pain, it is great at getting deep into the muscles, ultimately loosening up whatever may be causing you problems.

Great Quality

The design of RumbleRoller separates truly sets it apart from many other foam rollers on the market. When it comes to quality, it is top of the line as far as we are concerned!

The quality of this RumbleRoller is supplemented by the huge number of professional athletes that rely on it to help speed up their overall recovery time, which gets them ready to compete much sooner. Think about it, if professional athletes are using the RumbleRoller, chances are it will get the job done for you! 


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    Supreme Quality
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    Excellent Design
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    Varying Intensities


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    Not For Beginners