Saucony Endorphine MD4 Track Shoe

Besides a good work ethic and good conditions for training, you have to keep in mind the importance of having the proper track spikes. Proper track spikes include comfortability, being lightweight, and being made of perfectly arranged materials to help you get better. The Saucony Endorphine MD4 Track Shoes will meet the needs of your races if you are a mid-distance runner.


The Saucony Endorphine MD4 Track Shoe is a 100% synthetic spike. The sole is made of rubber, and with a four pin spike plate, your performance on the track won’t suffer. The Saucony Endrophine MD4 Track Shoes proved to be one of the top choices for many athletes. Its breathable mesh properly venerates your foot so that you are commutable throughout your races. 

Saucony Endorphine MD4

The Saucony Endorphin MD4 pushes you ahead of the middle distance pack thanks to a 6-pin spike plate that’s sure to keep you on your toes from start to finish. The Saucony Super Lite EVA blend maximizes rebound and durability, while minimizing weight.  They are made of a strong, flex film material that provides a seamless, flexible feel. This pair comes with removable spikes so that you can accomodate to any surface - track, trail, mud, or pavement. The Saucony Endorphine MD4 consists of lightweight breathable mesh. The 6-pin "pebax spike" plate that offers  exceptionally smooth and responsive spike. It is an extremely lightweight model as well - 3.2 oz. | 91 g.
The aggressive plate is especially nice in races such as the 400 and a fast paced 800. Taucony Endorphine MD4 Track Shoe, however, might not be perfect for every runner's foot, due to the plastic heel counter.

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If you are competing in discipline, rather than the 400 or 800, then we have a great alternative for you!

Saucony Men's Vendetta Track Spike

Saucony Vendetta Track Spike

Upper Details: A full body mesh makes the Vendetta an incredibly comfortable fitting spike.

Bottom Unit Details: A 6-pin spike plate and injection molded midsole make the Vendetta the ultimate spike for the runner trying to determine which event will suit them best.

Weight: 5.3 oz. | 150 g.

They are extremely lightweight, just like Saucony Endorphine MD4. They are rigid, and these competition shoes are designed to go fast! Track spikes are designed for specific events and distances ranging from sprints all the way up to long distance events. Most of these shoes, luckily, come with either replaceable or permanent spikes in order to gain more traction while racing. The upper details and the bottom unit details, make this Saucony spike an incredibly comfortable fitting spike. We shall not pass over the breathable fabric lining, which offers great comfort. 

Vendetta Track Spikes are very fairly priced. Their prices vary, depending on the color, allowing you to have the same quality track spike whether you buy it for $25 or for $75.

Keep in mind that these pairs are not dourable like normal shoes due to the lightweight materials they are made of.


Why should you try to fit Saucony Endorphine MD4 on your feet? It’s simple.  They are quality tracks spikes that are very fairly priced. They offer extreme comfort and limited edition running spikes.