Serious Steel Resistance Bands Review

Serious Steel Resistance Bands

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The Serious Steel resistance bands are made extremely well. Have had no issues with these at all.



The price is nothing to write home about. They are on par with the rest of the market.


Our Rating

The Serious Steel resistance bands are great, simple as that. They are hard to damage which is important for a resistance band.


I have used many varieties of resistance bands in my career as a powerlifter. Adding resistance bands is a common practice when it comes to "accommodating resistance."  When you are adding in resistance bands it is important to be using a band with some integrity. 

A band that lacks integrity or has a reputation for poor quality will potentially break, That is a recipe for a disaster.The Serious Steel resistance bands are bulletproof, well not really. They are however, made extremely well. I have had my set for some time and have put them through some rigorous testing and they always serve me well.

Outside of being made of quality material, that wont fail you. They also have a low discrepancy between bands of the same resistance rating. What I mean by that is if you get 2 black bands, both of those black bands are going to perform virtually identically. You do not want to have it where one band is more elastic than the other. 


Training with a resistance band can be difficult. It adds a different feel and forces the athlete to train at maximum effort. If the athlete tries to sandbag training they will not be able to overcome the peak resistance of the band. 

This is important when it comes to applying the band to movements that are not normally done with a resistance band. Now, if you are thinking about adding in resistance bands into your training you are in luck. You will be able to use them for a wide range of things.

The versatility of the Serious Steel resistance bands are a definite plus. They are no more or no less versatile than any other resistance band on the market, but that does not take away from them in anyway.\

A short list of uses:

  • Assist push ups/ pull ups
  • Add Resistance to the big three (Squat, Bench, Deadlift)
  • Use For Accessory Movements
  • Increase Mobility

For Every Athlete

The Serious Steel resistance bands come in a while range of strengths. From a band that adds 2-15lbs all the way to a band that adds 60-150 lbs of resistance. The actual resistance added (or substracted) will depend on the length of the band at the time.

This wide rand of resistance allows any athlete, weaker or stronger to benefit from the use of these bands. There is not athlete that can't get into using accommodating resistance right away. It is not only for elite athletes.

Sold Separately

Welcome to the only flaw in this product. They are sold separately. If you are looking to use them for accommodating resistance, you are going to have to buy two of whatever resistance level you are looking to use. Now, if you are going to get the full set then you will have to buy two full sets. This can become expensive.

What I recommend doing is getting a pair at the  level you think will give you just a little bit more difficulty, use those until you out grow them, then go ahead and get the next level up. It will all depend on how experienced you are at using bands, or what you plan on using the band for in the first place.

 If you are only looking to increase your pull ups, or use it for mobility then a single band is not going to be an issue for you.


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    For Every Athletic Level


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    Sold Invidually