SmartShake Original Protein Shaker Bottle

SmartShake Original Protein Shaker


We believe the quality of SmartShake Original Protein Shaker is very high, and is one of the best protein shakers available. 



It is priced at $8.34, which makes it one of the cheapest protein shaker bottles on the market. 


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The SmartShake Original Protein Shaker Bottle is a product that we recommend for athletes and other enthusiasts who want to enjoy perfectly mixed, smooth, protein shakes. If you are tired of having protein shakes that are full of clumps, or you want to save space in your bag, the smart design of the SmartShake Original will certainly meet your needs. 

SmartShake, founded in 2009, started as a solution for gym users and bodybuilders. Over the years, the company and its product range have evolved to meet the needs of anyone living an active lifestyle. They offer a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry and prepare protein powders and shakes. The SmartShake Original Protein Shaker Bottle has evolved since being the first original shaker on the market.  Its three compartments conveniently store powder, pills, snacks, or keys. The possibilities are endless. The patented snap-on strainer will easily mix powdered drinks without clumps or lumps.

The strainer of this SmartShake Original Protein Shaker Bottle was designed to mix the thickest ingredients and perfectly makes your favorite protein shake tastier.

SmartShake Original Protein Shaker

The SmartShake Original protein Shaker Bottle is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic that is safe in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. It's made from durable materials and is lightweight. Thanks to the removable lower compartments, the SmartShake Original Protein Shaker Bottle can be configured according to your needs. The removable strainer inside the cup makes it a breeze to clean as well.

It has a 20 oz capacity on the rim of the cup, and measurements up to 12 oz. With two or more cups, you can mix and match the interchangeable pieces to create a unique, multi-colored cup.

Unfortunately, you might like the diameter of the bottom of the cup. It's too wide to fit into standard cup holders, and therefore, you might not be able to reach your shake easily  while driving.



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    Features a leakproof lid
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    Mixes powdered drinks without clumps
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    Includes two separate storage compartments and pill separator


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    Too wide diameter to fit into cup holders
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    Comes with only one container
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    The bottom compartment doesn't come with a lid