SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle Review

 USB Rechargeable

SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle


The SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle is made of sleek, stainless steel, BPA-free, and high-quality materials.



It is priced at $23.99, which may not be suitablle if you are on a budget. On the other hand, we believe it is worth the money because of all it has to offer. 


Our Rating

The SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle is outstanding when it comes to mixing ingredients. None of the manually operated mixers on the market are as good at producing consistently smooth shakes. You can use it on extra thick ingredients as well, which allows you to try a variety of recipes, such as protein desserts. 

The SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle , along with the technology incorporated into the shaker totally revolutionize the way how shakers work. Forget the old way of preparing your workout meal, and just press a button for a perfectly mixed protein shake. 

Powerful Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
The SSAWcasa Protein Shaker Bottle quickly mixes up drinks without leaving any clumps or inconsistencies in your shake. All you have to do is add your desired dose of protein powder, press the power button on the motor to create the vortex, and wait 30 seconds for the mixing system to perfectly mix your shake The SSAWcasa Protein Shaker will perfectly blend your pre-workout, post-workout protein shakes, creatine, or any other powdery substance.

USB Rechargeable Vortex Mixer
The shaker bottle comes with a USB cable, so you are able to charge it anywhere. At home, in your office, at the gym, inside the car, or even on the go if there is a power bank. All you requires is two x AAA batteries, which are not included in this package.

BPA-Free Shaker Bottle
Sleek, stainless steel, BPA-free, and high-quality material combination.

Leak Proof Shaking Bottle
Its one-twist locking mechanism tightly seals lid, which prevents any spills. 

The SSWAcasa Protein Shaker's capacity is 600ml, which is equivalent to just under 22oz.

You will be also happy with the self-cleaning function of SSAWcasa Protein Shaker. If you leave it unwashed overnight, the mixer won’t give off a foul odor. You can then wash it in a matter of seconds. 

The only negative feature that bothers customers is that the SSAWcasa Protein Shaker is not able to mix ingredients with ice. Therefore, you are not going to be able to use it for making smoothies.


  • check
    Powerful Electric Protein Shaker - High torque motor
  • check
    USB Rechargeable Vortex Mixer
  • check
    BPA-Free Tornado Shaker


  • check
    Non standardized drink spout
  • check
    Might be less powerful with thicker protein textures