Umoro V3: The 3 in 1 BPA-Free Protein Shaker

Umoro V3


The Umoro V3 Shaker Bottle offers a quality 3in1 shaker bottle, water bottle, and a storage compartment to save you from carrying multiple continers.



The Umoro V3 Shaker Bottle is priced at $19.99. We believe it is among the high end shaker bottles that are currently on the market. It may be priced a bit higher than others, but it is a convenient 3in1 shaker bottle.


Our Rating

We highly recommend Umoro V3 Bottle. It has proved to meet the all the needs of the consumer. With the Umoro V3, you avoid having several bottles in your bag and still get to enjoy perfectly mixed protein shakes.

Made from shatterproof plastic and equipped with a stabilising rubber base, the Umoro V3 shaker bottle is considered to be practically unbreakable. They are able to withstand the inevitable drops and tumbles that come with an active lifestyle.

Although its durability is something that is unmatched by other shaker bottles presented to the market, the price is still pushing it ahead of cost. Keep in mind, however, the quality and durability, and the fact that it is very durable. You won't likely  need to spend additional money if you get one that breaks. Furthermore, the Umoro V3 shaker bottle comes as a 3in1 bottle. It includes a water bottle, shaker bottle, and a storage container for your protein powder or possibly your car keys. For the price of $19.99, you get everything you need. The space you save is also a huge bonus! We believe that this will be the last shaker bottle you will need to buy for quite some time.

The Umoro V3 bottle is also BPA-free and made of odor-resistant materials, which makes it safe to use.

Although it sounds very practical, we still believe that it is not the perfect shaker bottle. With the Umoro V3 shaker bottle, you may encounter problems with the button and its flexibility when pushing it. Some customers had a bad experience when trying to transform water bottle into protein shaker bottle. The button that serves for that, might not be easy to push. This might get irritating.

You may also experience the persistent rubber smell emanating from the cup. The smell can be still there after 4 or 5 weeks of use and regular wash.

The measurement markings can give you hard times as well, as they will fade in time. 

In conclusion, the Umoro V3 shaker bottle is not the best shaker in the market, but we consider it worth the buy as it offers you a different, unique design. Overall, it is a quality and durable 3in1 bottle shaker bottle. 


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    BPA-free and odor-resistant materials
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    Transforms from shaker bottle to water bottle
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    30 days warranty


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    Lid might smell after dishwashing
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    The button can be hard to press