12 Athletic Career Changing Mistakes

career changing mistakes

I have come a long way in life but I still have a long way to go. These are the 12 mistakes that I look back on and just shake my head.  I want Athletic Courage readers to feel like they got X-ray vision, and they can just see everything before it has a chance to happen.  Here they are and don’t copy my career changing mistakes, please.

Not lifting from an earlier age

I did not begin weightlifting until my senior year of high school, and the first year is just getting the hang of it.  By the time I got to college, I was the weakest on the team and surrounded by teammates who seemed like they had been lifting since their mom’s water broke.  There are too many myths out there about lifting being bad for you at an early age. If I could go back in time I would learn the fundamentals of lifting in grade 8.  Then by the start of high school, I would be ready to begin lifting with decent form.

Not working to play football in the states

I was a good football player and I never really put any time into trying to get better at it. I was always labeled as too small but if I had started to lift a bit earlier it scares to think of what I could have done on the gridiron….oh well.

Not reading more about training and sports

Since I have begun this blog I have begun to read so much more. The things that I have learned are mind-blowing. I have become a better writer and a wiser human as a result of it. I always say damn, imagine I obtained this knowledge in high school.

Having patience with injuries

I always tried to rush back from my injuries, and I always paid the price for doing so, by reinjuring myself. I know now that sometimes you need to just accept you are hurt and wait for when it is your time to return. When you do return do not just jump back into things like you never left. Like a person you really like, you need to take it slooooow.

Expecting more than I received

I get in this mode after an injury where I feel robbed. I feel like I worked so hard and got nothing. Now I know that I got a lesson out of it, another opportunity in life to learn. The time I spent being pissed at life was time robbed from getting better.

Wanting to transfer colleges

I was ungrateful, I could not see how good I had things. I knew things could be better, but that is life things can always be better if you are not thankful for what you have. My season looked so promising and I got injured and it upset me so much that I wanted to run away and never come back.  Running away never solves your problems; they have to be dealt with one day. When is up to you.

Not listening to people who truly care about me

If you have parents that are truly looking out for your best interest than hear them out. Do not just shut down their ideas. If anyone who cares about you is trying to help at least hear them out.  You do not have to do everything they say, but if you get one good piece of advice out of 100 pieces of bad advice was it not worth it?

Not starting KHO Earlier

All I can say is if you have an idea go after it. Do not procrastinate, or make excuses.

Always trying to be tough and fight injuries

I blame football for this. I will know something is wrong and not say anything until I’m really hurt. Do not do it, tell someone something is wrong it is such a hard thing for me to do but it has got me hurt over and over. The injuries could have been prevented if I had just opened my mouth.

Wishing People Knew My Story

I use to spend so much time wishing that people knew what I have been through as an athlete.  I wanted them to know that I could have been so much further along if it were not for the setbacks.  Just typing this I feel stupid because it does not matter what I been through it matters where I am going.  On top of that everyone has struggled so if you think you are the only one with problems, GET OVER IT.

Being able to focus in school like I do sports

Now I do not get horrible grades, but neither am I an A student.  I never thought the school was important, and to a certain degree I still don’t but I do give it my all.  If the school does not come easily to you like being an athlete does, keep working hard at it because education can change a lot about how people see you.

Feeling in the shadow of my Brother

I use to feel like everything I did was nothing. Going to world youth championships in 2007and I came 7th. I was the 7th fastest kid in the world and there were so much more fast kids there than me but I showed up. I never felt like I accomplished anything because when my brother went he came 2nd.  If you feel like you are chasing after someone else accomplishments stop now. You have to live your own life and have your own journey.


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