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Applications are growing fast!

The world is heading faster and faster into the future, we are seeing athletes become more and more tech-savvy. We now have phones that can do anything you can imagine. Applications that can accomplish tasks once thought only humans could do. We are moving into an age where you can get all of your health metrics right onto your handheld device. It is a crazy time to be living. These applications will drive the world.

Here are 5 of my favorite applications to use. They will increase both you’re physical as well as mental performance!

Kho Labs

Kho labs is a new company that focuses on the health of athletes around the world. They focus both on the physical as well as mental aspects of athletic training. They are cornering the market of sports injury. We all know that injury is a big part of sports in general, as much as we may not want to admit that.

Injuries happen to almost every athlete. Kho Labs is getting those injured athletes in direct contact with therapists in the there area. Giving the athletes real-time advice on how to take care of the injury.

If you have had an injury in your career, you know how difficult of a time it is. It is both mentally and physically stressful. You may feel lost and without help. No one guides you on your way back to health except maybe google. Kho labs are bringing the therapists to the athletes on an intuitive and easy to use application.


A community of athletes looking for help.  This application doesn’t just focus in on physical injuries as well. If you are an athlete, who prides themselves on the work they do as an athlete. Experiencing an injury that takes you away from the game/sport you love can be mentally draining. Kho labs are going to be there for you. They have a broad wealth of knowledge on dealing with an injury. How you can stay focused on the goals at hand and help bring back to the game you love better than you were when you left it

For therapists, this is a great way to get your voice out there. With gamification that allows you to rank up and get noticed more often you will be getting to have real conversations and interactions with athletes. You will have access to all kinds of athletes in your direct area. You can have a real impact on there progress and health moving forward. The application is currently only available on Ios but will be coming to Android soon. It is free to use as an athlete and free for therapists to get on as well.


As an athlete having your mind right is a crucial aspect of the game. You must be sharp up top as well as physically. Elevate is here to save the day! It provides you with three quick daily games that will focus you in and get your mind rolling in the right direction.

The app covers a wide range of topic. Including all math, and English skills. It is one of the high applications for a quick startup for your brain. You are graded every day on your performance, and you can see where you may be weak or where you excel. It is an excellent application for athletes because the mental aspect of the sport is lost on most athletes.

Athletes that can be both cerebral, as well as aggressive in there sport, are going to be the ones that excel or make it the furthest. This application has helped me get my mind right before the competition even. It gets your head in the right place and ready to attack whatever may come on the field.

It is free for both androids as IOS with the option to upgrade to premium which offers you the ability to play the games whenever you feel like it. The free version gives you three games to play every morning. It is most definitely worth a download.

Elite HRV

Heart Rate Variability is a metric not known by many. It is the tracking and measuring of the differences between beats of your heart. The reason why this matters is that it is an indicator of the function of your autonomic nervous system. It is an excellent indicator as to how stressed you are, or how ready you are for more stress.

I have been using HRV for a couple of years now and have yet to be injured or even that sick since using it. I am not saying that tracking my HRV helped with all of them directly but it definitely what a piece of the puzzle. For a look at more HRV information, you can check out this article here.

Easy to use

Elite HRV is easy to use. It will require you to have the appropriate heart rate monitor. I currently use the polar h7, but they will be coming out with there own sensor in the future. Once you have your sensor all you have to do is put it on, connect it to the app, press morning readiness and start your reading.

It will do all the work of tracking. Once you’re done with the measurement, you can add in any data that will help give you an idea of why your HRV may be the way it is. Such things like sleep quality the night before, or how much training you completed the day previously. You can even add your tags and own description. All these things give you better look at how your HRV is trending over time.

After your morning readiness test is complete, you will receive a score as to how ready you are for more stress. Whether you are too stressful, not stress enough, or right in the sweet spot. The give all your scientific measurements as well for that do dig deep into the meaning of those numbers.  It will also allow you to measure your HRV anytime of the day.

This app is also free for both IOS and Android users. It will require nothing of you other than to get a good heart rate monitor. Which I am assuming if you are an athlete you probably already have anyway. The company does offer upgraded services for coaches and big gyms.


For any of us, life is complicated. It can be hard to handle all of the stress of day to day life. As athletes, you are stressing yourselves out voluntarily. You’re training as hard as you do stress your body out. It gets you in the negative pretty quickly, and then you add on top of that all the stress of day to day life, and you have yourself a mix that is volatile. it is essential to know when to get yourself back to “normal.”

Calm is an excellent app for that. It is one of the many mindfulness mediation applications. For all those athletes out there that do not do some form of mindfulness meditation, you need to start asap. It is the key to bringing your mind and body back from the brink. Mindfulness is not spiritual at all (even though it could be) This is scientific. There are thousands of studies proving the reliability of mindfulness practices.

Calm allows you to get in a daily meditation period. It’s accompanied by relaxing sounds that can be customized as well as a built-in breathing guide to help you on your mindfulness journey. The only issue with this application is that it is not free. You get seven days of meditation for free, and then after that, you have to pay. You do however gain access to the breathing guide at all times.

Once you have learned the basics of meditation, you do not need to pay for it. The breathing guide should be enough. However, if you feel compelled to use it often then, by all means, this application may be worth it. It is available for both IOS and Android.


Nutrition is essential for athletes. Know what foods are right and or wrong is also imperative for athletes. Fooducate is one of the many applications that brings you into a world of food. It allows you direct access to people who have tried the food. It is almost a community formed around the positives as well as negatives of the food we eat.

They give you a straightforward and accessible guide to which foods you should be consuming and which ones you may want to avoid. It is also a food tracker. Directly input all fo your goals, and it will give you an approximate of how many calories you should be consuming daily. Fooducate is exceptionally convenient for the athletes that may not have access to a nutritionist. You then merely input the food you have consumed by typing it in manually or scanning the barcode on the packaging.

With a community of users who may be on the same journey as you are it is easy to stay motivated to use the application. It is full of information to help aid you on your journey. It’s worth a download. It is free and comes on both IOS as well as Android.

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