5 Step “Survivor Man” Approach to Sports

survivor man

5 Step “Survivor Man” approach to sports

I have become very intrigued by the show survivor man.  The basis of a show is a man dropped into the middle of the wild with nothing more than his cameras clothing and some small tools.  He has one task, survive the wild!  He has to eat bugs and all types of horrible things on his journeys so that he can escape. I have watched this guy turn so many different things into a shelter for himself, but what amazes me every time is his creativity and the fact that he will do whatever it takes to survive.

What does this have to do with sports?

I know you are wondering this by now, and if you are not then, you should be. I watch this show because in my eyes it has EVERYTHING to do with sports and training. I’d see Les Stoud out there and many of the situations he is income down to life and death. He does not want to starve himself, become dehydrated, catch an illness, or have some wild animal get its paws on him.

Survival is how you need to think of training. The more I watch the show, the more I see the practice in this way. You have to act like getting better is life and death. Act as if your survival depends on getting stronger, faster, more agile, a higher vertical, losing weight, gaining weight, or whatever it is you are trying to work on to get better in your sport.  If you act like it is life and death you will step your game up, I guarantee it!

If someone came to you now and said you better not miss one training day, or not give it you’re all in practice every day, or they are going to kill you, what would you do? I bet you that you would never miss a workout and you would work your butt off and get better.

The 5 Step Approach


There are many times the survivor man has to wait hours and hours for the better weather to do something, or maybe there is an animal in his way so all he can do is wait before he can take any action.

Sports are no different there will be times when you need just to sit and wait your turn.

The Will to Eat

The survivor man will eat anything, and he chooses all his food based on of what will give him the most nutrition, plain and simple.

A “get it done” attitude needs to be an athlete’s mindset; it cannot be all about what taste the bests. It has to be about what is going to do the best things for the body.

Do it Yourself

He has no camera crew he sets up his camera first and then does what he has to do. Sometimes he has to walk far away to get a right angle or do things twice just, so his camera catches it.

In sports and life, you cannot always wait for other people to do things for you. If it is possible, you need to take matters into your own hands and get it done.

Ability to Be Alone

He has no camera crew and no one with him to get him out of trouble.

Life as an athlete can be lonely people around you may not understand what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes you may depend on people to help you do things, and they do not come through. You are going to feel alone and know you have to fend for yourself. The strong can survive this.

Master of Learning From Mistakes

One episode he set this trap to catch this animal, but he was lazy. He did not set it up correctly. The next morning when he woke up to check to see if he caught anything. All he found was the trap untouched, but his bait was gone. He admitted he made a big mistake but made it clear that was not happening again.

In all aspects of sports and life mistakes are going to be made. It is not a big deal to make a mistake, but it is a big deal to not learn from it.

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