Calm Your Mind: Beginners Meditation Guide

Life is hectic and can become a little crazy at times. Life demands a bit too much from you sometimes, right? This leaves us feeling stressed, overworked, tired and even unhappy. Meditation is a simple, and effective way to help calm your busy mind.

Newcomers to meditation, just like with a lot of things feel intimidated. They feel like they won’t be able to strop their brain from over thinking. A lot of misconception stems from meditation, a lot of people think it’s a monk sitting on a lotus flower singing “humming” tunes to some rain fall music. Although that is very relaxing to some, others like peace and below you will see what you can do to help you begin your journey into mediation.

Sit Tall

This is the most common and acceptable pose for meditation and this is sitting tall. Sit on the floor, in a chair or on a stool. If you are seated on the floor it is often the most comfortable to have your legs crossed on a cushion.

Comfort is absolutely key here, because lets face it, if you are uncomfortable you are more than likely going to be thinking of how uncomfortable you are rather than embracing the experience.

Now imagine a thread coming out of the top of your head that is pulling you upwards to the sealing in a straight line. Sit tall. This opens up the chest to allow more access of breath into those lungs of yours.

Relaxing Your Body

As you are sitting tall, close your eyes and scan your body. Relax each body part one at time. Beginning with your toes, feet, ankles, and continue up your entire body. Don’t forget to relax your shoulders, neck, eyes. Basically everything on your body needs to be relaxed. Wherever you hold tension keep an extra eye on those parts.

Be Still And Silent

This is a hard one for a lot of people since we are always in a constant state of go go go! Be aware of your surroundings, your body, the sounds around you. Don’t react or attempt to change anything. Be aware.


Your breath deserves a lot of attention, but very aware of your breathing. Breathe deeply, and silently. Engage your diaphragm and fill your lungs, but do not force your breath. Notice how your breath feels in your nose, throat, chest, and belly as it flows in and out.

Calm Your Mind

With a lot of outside noise, it can be difficult to know when to calm your mind, or even how to do so. With focusing on your breath, and doing what is told you will more than likely learn to calm your mind on your own. If you continue to find it difficult, and that being in a quiet room is only detouring you, try throwing on some relaxing music, this is a sure fire way to calm your mind.

Do It Alone For The First Time

Don’t have your friends distract you – if this is something you are serious about; I suggest doing your first session alone. Having distractions can detour you and can essentially and ultimately ruin your experience, especially if it’s the first time.

Short & Simple

While some people can spend hours meditating, I suggest doing a quick 5-10 minute session for when you are just starting out. We live in a busy world. Worrying whether or not you are spending enough time meditating is a total reversal of what meditation is supposed to do for you. A good short and solid meditation is better than long, crazy, unenjoyable meditation.

Make Sure To Practice Daily

schedule word circle marked on a calendar by a red pen

Making a commitment you can keep, even if it’s for just 5 minutes every day, consistency is far more important than intensity.

What Are The Benefits Or Effects Of Meditation

  1. Meditation will give you rest and recreation
  2. You learn to relax
  3. You learn to concentrate better on solving problems
  4. Meditation often has good effects on blood pressure
  5. Meditation has beneficial effects on inner body processes, like circulation, desperation, and digestion.
  6. Regular meditation will have a psycho-therapeutically effect.
  7. Regular meditation will facilitate the immune system
  8. Help you be more mindful and calm in stressful situations.

Stick With It

Just like with anything, practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged because your thoughts are wondering, or you can’t seem to catch the knack for breathing. Just as mentioned above, staying with a routine every day will bring you so much benefits. Learn to work through the process, and don’t rush it. Nothing good came from rushing things, ever.

We know this is hard, life is busy, you are busy, and stress is a HUGE factor in why people want to start meditation to begin with. Taking all of these things into account should be a driving force into why you should continue on the path of staying on track. Give it a week, and you will start seeing a difference.

Drink Plenty Of Water

I think this goes without saying, the benefits of drinking water are incredibly high. Drinking a lot of water pre and post-meditation will keep you hydrated and feel good. Throw in some lemon and lime, and you got yourself an even better option for digestions.

Consider Doing Some Stretching

After your meditation session, I highly suggest doing a quick three stretches, mainly if you were in a stance for more than 30 minutes. Three Stretches you should consider are:

  1. Garland Squat: This is where you go into a squad position and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this three times.
  2. Butterfly Stretch: Pull your shoulders together, bringing your chest out, breath in, and then fall resting your head on your feet. (This requires a bit of flexibility) Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat two times.
  3. Low Lizard Lunge: Stretch one leg out, while the other leg is stretched backward. Hold for 15 seconds, two times.
  4. Bridge Pose: Lay flat on the ground and push your pelvis up towards the ceiling. Hold this for 30 seconds
  5. Downward Dog: Go on all fours, reaching your hands out and lowering your head and shoulders. Hold this for 30 seconds

I hope these little tricks were able to be a guide on beginning meditation. There is so much to benefit when you practise. No matter what, keep at it!

Great for unwinding after a long day at work, or helping erase occasional daily stresses. New MOOD is like a deep breath and a smile in a bottle.

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