Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoe Review

Adidas Adipower

adidas adipower


The Adidas Adipower shoes are one of the best made shoes on the market today. They are built to take a beating and keep performing.


Our Rating

This are a great shoe. They are going to provide the user with a great lifting experience however the price is just way to high for what other less expensive models can still do for you.


The Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes are built strong. They are a solid shoe made from high quality leather upper and a Extremely dense rubber sole. They are put together with extremely diligence or at least it seems to be that way. They've been put together with the athletes ability in mind. They fit right and they provide of the the most solid heels in the market.

The hook and strap on the instep helps to secure the rear structures of the foot. As we have said many times in previous reviews the structural integrity of the heel is super important for weightlifting shoes. 


This shoe is meant for the weightlifting athlete. It is not meant for a crossfitter or someone esle. The performance and structure of this shoe is meant to help increase your ability to lift heavier weights. There are a few added technologies that are serving to hit that purpose.

The Torsion system is put there in order to great a better platform for the middle of the foot to perform from. The Midfoot generally is missing some integrity in other shoes. Not with this shoe. Adidas has made sure to secure the midfoot.

The VentFlow technology is also important. When a lifting is training they are producing a lot of heat. With a hot foot comes sweat with sweat comes slipping. You do not want to have your foot slipping any amount inside the shoe. The VentFlow technology is designed to provide a far superior foot climate.

Lack Of Versatility

Many athletes love these shoes. However its being such a great weightlifting shoe leaves it as a one dimensional tool. It does lifting very well. That's it. You can not move the foot in the right way using this shoe for anything functional.

That is a big hit on this shoe is the fact that you cannot use it for much else but lifting. I realize that if you wanted to be doing more functional movements you can get a different shoe for that specifically. It would not be good for CrossFit as their are many times when there is functional movements between your weightlifting movements. These would not be a good choice for that.  These would be best for you


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    Lack of Versatility