Amazon Foam Roller Review

Amazon Basics Foam Roller

amazon foam roller


 The Amazon foam roller is made of some really good high density foam. It is basic but made very well.


Our Rating

The most basic foam roller there is. A simply tube of high density foam. It get The Job done when you are on a budget.


The Amazon foam roller is part of amazon's basics line. It is what its name says. Basic. It doesn't have any extra frills to it. It is made of high quality, high density foam. They come in various length, 12, 24, and 36 inches in lengths. 

Gets The Job Done

Although it is basic it is effective. It gets the job done. If you are new to foam rolling this is the foam roller for you. It is does not have extra nubs or vibrations. It will simply allow your muscles to get loose with pressure. 

Strength and Weakness

The Amazon foam roller's greatest strength in being simple can also be looked at its greatest weakness. Many of today's athletes like to have extras when it comes to their training and recovery equipment. If you are not a simple athlete this foam roller is not going to be for you.  From a personal stand point this foam roller is all you need. It is light, it is dense, and it allows you to get into the muscles you need. Simple and effective.


The price is another highlight of this foam roller. Where other more elaborate foam rollers are in the $50-$75 dollar range this one comes in at $15 at the middle length. You are going to have a hard time finding a foam roller delivered right to your door for cheaper than that.


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