Asics Long Jump Pro Track Shoe

Long Jump Pro Track Shoe is an Asics new generation of track and field spikes. In the previous article we reviewed some of the best ASICS track and field spikes in order to help you make a comparison between different brands. Those pairs were for cross-country races and sprints. If you are not a sprinter and you are looking for different features to meet your race's needs, Asics Long Jump Pro Track Shoe  is one of the best Asics spike tested.

Jumping further just got easier with the new Long Jump Pro Track Spike from ASICS. Designed for elite level jumpers and vaulters, but for any jumper looking for optimal traction on approach and maximum propulsion at take-off. Furthermore, the supportive synthetic leather upper minimizes in-shoe movement for ultimate performance. Also, the two-density Pebax nylon plate is reinforced around the spike sockets to improve energy return at the point of compression.

Long Jump Pro Track Spike

·  Designed for competitive, advanced Long Jump athletes.

·  The shoes place the foot in the ideal take-off position.

·  The 6-spike forefoot plate offers excellent traction & firm support

 Weight: 7.2 oz. ( The weight of Long Jump Pro Track Spike is different comparing sizes 6.5 and 9. Larger in size, weighter the spike.)

Long Jump Track Spike

Long Jump Pro Track Spikes are most similar to sprint spikes. Therefore, they provide good top speed. They are also designed to allow energy transfer through the entire foot.

The disadvantage of this pair is its price. If your budget for a track spike is up to $50, then you might have to pay a little etxtra on that, in order to have them. Although you can find them for a lower price, quite often. 

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If the Asics Long Jump Pro Track Shoe is not meeting you needs one way or another, maybe it's too pricy for a spike, or maybe you have different preferences when choosing your shoe color, to avoid all of the disadvantages, we selected another pair of spikes which are as good as the previous with some variations in price and color.

ASICS Turbo Jump 2 Track and Field Shoe

Asics  Turbo Jump 2 Track Spike

For the jump events you need two things - stability and perfect traction. This pair of Asics spikes offers both stability for your take off, and traction when sprinting. Designed for high jumpers of all abilities. Turbo Jump 2 track & field spike features a new medial/lateral strap construction that supports the foot perfectly from approach to take-off. The 11 pin spike configuration provides a stable platform while offering excellent traction on the apron. 

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