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Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist | Iowa State Alumni | Lover of The Human Body

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improve your squat and range of motion

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Squat Without Doing It

Squatting is considered by many top health experts to be one of the most beneficial lifts that athletes can perform. Squatting promotes nervous system...

Get Out Of Your Head and Meditate Into Your Body

Here are a couple of tips if you are having one of those days that you can’t get out of your head. You know...
Basics of nutrition

The Absolute Basics Of Nutrition

Eating is possibly the most critical piece of the performance puzzle. Without a well-constructed nutrition plan, there is a good chance that performance is...

How You Can Change Your Teams Losing Mindset

The first thing you need to accept when reading this is that you can make a difference. The world can be changed a country;...
do extra

How Great Athletes Do Extra

Greatness is not from being given more talent. Excellent is not the result of one big lucky break. Fame comes from consistent ever over...