Batman Guide to Being a Better Athlete


Learn to Separate, the Competitor From the Person

Bruce Wayne and Batman is one person but yet they are two people.  Bruce Wayne is all about his money and his corporation and giving his bundles of cash to the needy.  Batman is, well, Batman, he comes out at night to save the day and stop crime.

Relation to Athletes

Being an athlete is like being Batman, look at it like being on the job. You become a fierce competitor, and you do what it takes to win, but when the lights are off, and the camera stops rolling. You have to be a personable person, and someone the whole world could use a bit more of.

Side Kicks Only Make Life Easier

Batman was doing ok by himself, but it was a lot of work for one man to do. That is why his sidekick Robin fit in the story so perfectly.

Relation to Athletes

All athletes get better with a sidekick aka a training partner. It is someone who you can hold accountable, and they will keep you accountable. You will see them getting better, and it will only make you want to get better alongside them.  Too many athletes think they have to do everything themselves to get to the top, but sometimes you have to get other people to help you while you help them.

Need a Great Advisor

Alfred to some people was just a butler. But in reality, he was the go-to guy, Bruce Wayne, and Batman both make mistakes and when they do Alfred is always there to help clean it up. He did not just tell him what he wanted to hear but said what he needed to hear.

Relation to Athletes 

Athletes like Batman are human and are going to make mistakes, so be smart like him and get that go to person. They will have your back no matter how bad you mess up but unlike parents, they are much less likely to tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to understand.

You Don’t Need Super Powers

Batman is nothing when compared to most superheroes; he does not have superhuman strength or spider-like abilities, he is just a man who uses his money, intelligence, newest technology, and his detective skills to fight his war against crime.

Relation to athletes

Being the greatest has nothing magical to it. It takes commitment, and hard work and the ability to never give up.

Latest Equipment and Technology

Batman is the best at keeping up to date on technology, and he has gadgets that most people could not even dream up and they all assist him in his goals to stop crime.

Relation to athletes

Athletes always need to be on the prowl for the newest technology, newest information, and the best way to become a better athlete. The athlete needs to go to practice and games with an equipment belt full of things to help with recovery, and decreases chances of injury and so on.  The time put into researching and finding new ways to become better will always pay off.

Your House Needs to be Set Up for Success

Batman’s house is set up with a bat cave and a million different secret tunnels to get to it. That is what the superhero needs to continue to be able to be a superhero

Relation to Athletes

Just think is your house set up to succeed. Do you have a TV, video games, cell phone, or computer close to your bed to contribute to lost sleep?  Do you fill your fridge up with power foods or do you fill it with crap? Your house is a place you spend a lot of time so make it a comfortable home to succeed in.


Batman has a symbol that everyone knows it makes him different and he brands himself with it.

Relation to athletes

Set yourself out from the rest think of ways that people will always remember you, and remember the things you did.  There are many athletes out their today so standing apart is not an easy task.  None the less it is one that will pay off, do things everyone is not doing.

Use Money for Good Causes

Bruce Wayne is wealthy, and he uses his money to help the city. He has a big house and lots of beautiful cars, but he also gives to charity puts an excellent piece of dough into being Batman.

Relation to Athletes

As an athlete no matter how far you made it or didn’t make it someone had to of done something to help you along the way. Never forget that and repay them by helping someone else.  If you get to the point where you have a lot of money, use it wisely, and do not allow money to get you into trouble. The best way to do that is to give to the needy as much as you can.

Run The City

Batman and Bruce Wayne are both feared and respected.  Many people know them, and they are considered to be the top people in the city of Gotham.

Relation to athletes

It is a lot harder for an athlete to do but give it a try. Get yourself out there make relationships with other athletes and people. Be the type of athlete that when people meet you, they have nothing but great and honorable things to say about you.  Day by day you will gain respect and work your way to the top of any city.

Your nothing without competition

  Think about what Batman would be if you took away the joker and all his other protagonists.  All he would do is fight ordinary crime on the streets, and no one would ever challenge him. He would be boring.  When people like the joker come around, they keep him on his toes and remind him that he can be beaten.

Relation to athletes

Every athlete can lose. No one is unstoppable and the second people believe they are they get stopped.  You need competition people who are better than you that you’re chasing after and also people lower than you that you can never allow to catch up.


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