They Will Not Believe In Your Vision


When you close your eyes what do you see? Do you see greatness? Do you see life so grand for yourself that most people could never even think the same possibilities for their life? Never let anyone convince you that this is a bad thing. You have that vision for a reason, and we are never given visions that we are not able to go out and achieve. Where we get tripped up is by thinking and expecting that others are going to buy into that same vision with us, but this can be a foolish move.

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Take pride in the fact that your vision was custom made for you. It involves your story and unique gifts, and no one else can duplicate that vision. If everyone believed in your vision that would mean that it would not be significant. Think about it like this; if you tell someone your vision is to graduate high school, most people could see that because in 2018 that is not as big of a deal as it used to be.

Where is if you say you want to earn a scholarship, or you want to be a professional athlete, people will not have the same reaction. They may not say anything to you directly to snuff your dream, but they will hate on you in a low key manner that you can feel.

You can always tell when someone believes in you and what you are doing. You can't fake enthusiasm for someone else's dream. You're either excited, or you are not, and there is no in-between. 

Why Does This Matter? 

Understanding this is so important because if you want to get anywhere in life, you have to be willing to chase something that other people just don't get. You have to be willing to work knowing that people do not believe in you.

I can't tell you the number of times I saw something for my life, and I did not even bother to pursue it because I felt like someone close to me did not believe in me. I can't tell you the number of times that I felt the pain of quitting a path that I know was meant for me because I felt like no one else believed in me or saw my vision.

The reason this matter is because you should never give up on a vision that was left for you. It was for you for a reason it was meant for you to change the world with it.

Change Your Expectations 


Expect more from yourself but expect less from others. A lot of the time we reverse this. We hope more from other people and expect less from yourself and that is a formula for failure. You have to be willing to put in more time and effort into what you want and need out of life.

When a vision is made for you, 1 in 100 people you come across will understand or see the big picture of what you want to accomplish. The chances are that the people that are closest to you will not get it. If the people closest to you do not understand the vision, it can hurt the most if you are not prepared for this.

Expect yourself to bring your vision to life. Demand more from yourself then you will ever from other people. You need more self - belief more grind, more helping others. 

Believe in Others

One of the best things you can do to make this world go around believes in other peoples hopes and dreams. We don't do this enough as a society. We have become cynical and scared, and we think that if we have failed at something others must fail as well.

Believing in someone does not mean you can't ever tell them the truth, it means you tell them the truth in a way that is loving and shows that you want to see them succeed. That will go a long way in life in helping other people to be their best. 

In Conclusion 

  • 1
    The Vision is Just For You 
  • 2
    Why Does This Matter?
  • 3
    Change Your Expectations
  • 4
    Believe in Others

Every vision and dream you have had is worth pursuing because it was made specifically for you. No one is going to bring that reality to life if you don't get off your butt and work for it. Just because you have a vision though does not means that everyone is going to get out of your way and let you be great. Some of the people who are closest to you will be your biggest obstacles.

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