How to Develop a Monster Athlete Mentality

The mentality you take with you into sports will have a significant impact on how you perform. You have to have that hunter mentality. You wake up each day knowing you either hunt, or you starve to death. Can’t take any prisoners when it comes to your dreams. Others may see this as a bad thing because you will rarely bend your values to please those in your way.

The drive is what fuels you will never to stop wanting to be better. Most people see tough times, and they run and hide. You see tough times, and you approach them as an opportunity for a great comeback. It’s all about the mentality.

Think about the best athletes in your sport. How do they behave, and how do they carry themselves? Some people just see God-given talent, but you have to look at more. You have to look at athletes who work hard to win and put them self in the best position to do that. Some people just see what goes on during the game night, with no thought to how much work is put in behind the scenes.

You can’t control all of the opportunities you are given. You can always control how much time you are willing to prepare for an opportunity you want.

Get Out What You Put In

If you have not studied for a test, you will go into the test a bit worried because you chose not to prepare. Chances are you will get nothing back. On the other hand, if you study your butt off and feel adequately made you go into the test with much more confidence.

Sports are no different than that concept. If you train hard and do EVERYTHING you can do to get better, you will march into battle with confidence. Preparation will always help to remove doubt.  Now imagine doing this consistently for years. The result would be scary, a scary monster at that.

You would walk into the competition like it is practical because you already know what to expect. Winning is not a habit that just comes to you; winning is a result you see when you have OUTWORKED your competition.

The mentality you have will control your athletic destiny. If you don’t believe me, do not work hard at anything you do and see how far you get. Go into everything you do in life with a mentality of expecting the world to hand it to you on a silver platter. In time you will see that nothing works out that way.

You Have to Believe Before the World Will

If you do not believe you are or can be a monster, then you will never be one. Tell yourself that you are a monster, and start training like one. Start living like one, and you will eventually be one if you are not already. Don’t make the mistake of expecting others to believe in you first before you decide to. You might end up waiting your whole life for that to happen.

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