Do You Have An Injury?


This simple self-diagnostic chart can help you in a serious time of need!

Instead of searching your symptoms on the internet and the result stating you have cancer. Just follow this chart and the straightforward solution at the end.

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Many times I have been hurt and thought nothing of it. A little tweak here in your hamstring or an awkward twinge as you land and you just hope that it’s nothing.

You are too scared to want to know if it is something serious. You don’t want to risk being pulled out of the game or have to rest for weeks for the injury to heal.

Find out if you (actually) are injured using the Kho Labs App. You can connect with the best providers in your local area and the specific skill set you need to get you healthy again.

Do you have a particular question about what you're feeling? Well, I’m sure another athlete has felt the same thing. You aren’t alone. You can get your questions answered and find a therapist that will help you on your path.

You Just Jammed Your Finger

When I played football in HS, I had this exact thing happen to me. It was my senior year, I transferred to a new school just to play football and the second game I injured my finger pretty badly.

I thought to myself, oh this is a serious jam, I’m okay! When I finally took my glove off at the end of the game, the pain and swelling flooded in.

Again, I thought well it would go away in a few days. But it didn’t. I decided to get an x-ray and found out I broke my finger.

It's Not an Achilles Tear

During my last year as a professional. I started with some aching Achilles pain from the previous season. I thought everything was ok and that I just had a very long season.

I started feeling pain immediately in my Achilles when sprinting again, like during the end of my season. I knew this couldn’t be right. I got it worked on continuously; some said it most likely isn’t a tear. Some said it was.

I knew my body just didn’t feel right though. I went to get it checked out, and I had a 6cm tear. I sat out almost two months, but it could have been worse if I decided to keep training through it.

This Is YOUR Career, Take Care of It!

You only have one career. You need to take it seriously. No guessing when you think something is broken, but actually, know based off of similar symptoms that other athletes have had or a trained physician that can tell you so.

Now you have access to that at your fingertips.

Take advantage.

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