Gym On A Budget: The Most For Your Money

gym on a budget

If you are anything like me, you can not stand the commercial gym. It is just filled with people who think they know everything when they do not know anything or filled with trainers trying to make ends meet. This is where I want to train now where I want to be sold a product I have no interest in buying. Starting your gym can be intimidating, I get it. Starting a gym on a budget is a process but something that will be worth it in the end.

You need to know a budget, and for most people, they do not have thousands of dollars to get yourself a home gym. But I figured out a way to get the basics without spending an arm and a leg.

Unconventional Tools

Many people may not think that getting a bunch of unconventional tools is worth the price when you are first starting your gym. I will argue that it is worth all the money. Starting a gym on a budget can be hard and unconventional tools can be expensive. Here is how you can get yourself some unconventional tools for a lower price.


When you are looking to get a kettlebell, you should start with a single bell. Get a single bell, one that is heavy enough to press but also heavy enough to get the most out of swings and squats. For most men, you can use a 60lbs bell and for most women a 30lb. Buying a single bell will help you save on price, you can get most kettlebells for 1 dollar a pound.

Battle Ropes

Ropes are amazing pieces of equipment that you can find almost at any fitness store nowadays. You can even get yourself some rope from a rope supply for about 5 dollars a foot which can get expensive quickly. Keep an eye open for deals you may be able to get a 1.5″ rope 50ft long for under 100 dollars.


This is my favorite unconventional tool. They are hard to come by but buying a single 10-15lb mace to start of is a good place to start.

Bulgarian Bags

Slowly growing to be a favorite in my arsenal of training tools. It is expensive to buy form the creator, but there are some licensed out manufacturers of this tool that sell at a reduced rate. For men get yourself a 26-37lb bag and for women get yourself an 18-22lb bag to start off with.


Squat Stands

Squat racks are expensive, simple. Stands, however, are cheap. They may not be able to hold the same amount of weight.

But if you are using over 500lbs on the squat, you should be lifting with people in a different environment, or you may need to invest in a squat rack but for the average athlete squat stands are going to save you both space as well as money.

If you get the right squat stands, you can also do benching from the spotters as well. So you can save a lot of money simply getting some squat stands.

A Decent Bar

You are going to want to get a bar; a gym is not complete without a barbell. You will want to get a bar that has a minimum test strength of 1000lbs. They have 500lb test bars, but they will bend like aluminum. The bar is what holds the weight, and you do not want to put your safety in the hands of a weak bar.

You can get a decent bar at some different retailers for under 200 dollars. This is nothing to spend on a bar that is going to hold your weights but also keep you safe as you perform your workouts.

Craigslist Weights

That is right craigslist, or any online classified website. This is where you can get your hands on some really good equipment. Here in Canada, we have a website called Kijiji, and this is where I got my weight plates from for 40 cents a pound. You can find deals as good or even better than this on your local classified site.

Websites like Craigslist will have some other tools and equipment on there as well. You can use it to find a myriad of other unconventional tools, squat racks and even bars at the same time. Do not be afraid to use it, however, please inspect everything you buy from other people. Make sure it is still solid, and in decent shape, the last thing you want is to get a faulty piece of equipment.


Starting a gym on a budget is not as intimidating as it seems. It takes a little bit of patience on your part and a little bit of creativity as well. You do not need to have all of the greatest equipment on the planet, and you do not need to have all the room on the planet as well.

Take the time to search out ways to add in unconventional tools as well as conventional tools. This is because having variety is important even if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend.

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