Getting The Most Out of High School Athletics

High School Athletics

In this episode of “The Conscious Athlete” Ian Warner and Justin Warner of Athletic Courage and Kho Labs talk about getting the most out of high school athletics. Ian and Justin both went to high school together in Toronto, and both played on the same football team. They reflect on some of the mistakes they made, and mistakes they see others currently making.

This episode is a great listen for any high school athlete, coach or parent wanting to get the most of those years. High school plays a huge role in where you will be in life in years to come. We want to make sure that athletes are making smart choices that will benefit their life for years to come.

Justin Burns is a former football player, strength coach, head of growth hacking at Kho, and Writer for Athletic Courage. Justin and Ian went to high school together at Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario.

It can be so easy to look back on your years as an athlete and regret not giving more in specific areas. When you are young, you feel like the gravy train we call sports will last forever. Before you know it, you are retired wondering what hit you. It only takes one injury, getting cut, not understanding that call and just like that the dream is over.

To make sure this does not happen to you, it is essential that you focus your energy on the right areas. You should focus more on being the best you can be then you should focus on others. You should also put effort into to doing the little things right on a daily basis. Doing the little things directly leads to success not being famous.


Resources to Help Those Making The Most of High School Athletics

Athletic Courage

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