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Injured? They Got Your Solution

If you have ever been injured you know exactly how frustrating the whole process is. Being injured can be demoralizing, depressing, and it simply sucks. You are taken away from the sport you love for an untold period of time. You are not sure what is wrong with you, you have a million questions swirling around your head. I have been there, and most athletes have been.

Whats the next step? Where do I go for help? Kho Labs have created the solution for you. A free download on your phone that will get you in contact with some of the greatest therapists right around your corner. People ready and willing to help you get back on the field. A helping hand that you had no idea even existed right in your area.

Many athletes are not sure of the next steps. They get hurt, they go to the hospital, they are told to rest it and put some ice on it. When fact those are two of the worst pieces of advice for an athlete. There are a number of real-world solutions for many injuries that do not require you getting the same cookie cutter answer from your general practitioner. Kho Labs get you in contact with specialists in the field that know techniques that can get you back on the road to recovery far quicker than just resting with ice on it!

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Injury Questions Answered Virtually Instantly

Any injury questions you may have can be asked directly on the application. A Therapist will then answer you to the best of their ability. Add in photos, and any other information to make it easier for the therapist to give you the best answer possible. We are talking access to the best in the field. Getting an answer possibly within minutes.

We all know how important it is for things to be quick. Kho Labs pride themselves on that quickness. Getting you reassured about your injury is important to them. All the members of their team have had to deal with an injury at some point in their athletic careers, and they know first hand how difficult it really can be.

Community Of Athletes

When you get injured, it is nice to know that you are not the only one going through this. It is important to have people around that you can talk to. Or at least see and know that you are going through something similar. The community is powerful. Especially during hardship. Kho Labs provide you a platform for just that. Having an ecosystem filled with athletes who are all going through a hard time. From the most major of injuries to the most minor of injuries. Everyone supports each other. You get the opportunity to show your fellow athletes support and respect all in one easy to use and intuitive application.

You get to see the progress that they are making during their recovery. It is a great application to see that you too can get back on the road to recovery. Even come back better than you were before the injury. A community of continued improvement is what Kho Labs provides its athletes!

You can download the application on iOS with Android coming early 2018!

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