Macebell: Why The Mace Swing Is So Important

mace swing

The mace or macebell is a great tool; it may look a little funny and possibly even a slightly intimidating piece of equipment. I know when I first saw it I was a complete skeptic, it seemed like a tool that was both difficult to use as well as one that will have a minimal effect on athletic performance.

Deciding to buy my first macebell and took in as many online videos as possible was a big step for me. I taught myself the how to properly swing the mace and learned some other movements as well and found that my shoulders and core were stronger than ever before. My overhead press increased, my other movements somehow improved as well.

I have done some more research on the tool itself, and it turns out that this thing has been used for centuries by some of histories greatest warriors not only in battle but also in training. So just put if it is good for them then it is good enough for me.

Ultimate Warrior Tool

As stated in the introduction, this tool has been used by some of histories greatest warriors, the Knights of England, the Hindu warriors of India, and even the Vikings. The reason that is important here is that this warrior or warriors, in general, had to be in top physical condition to be useful on the battlefield.

Today’s modern warriors in all our militaries would benefit from training with this tool as well, but that is for another article, let’s talk about the warriors on the fields, courts, rings, and octagons of this generation. Athletes of today could greatly benefit from the use of a macebell.

The mace swing is simple movement sand it is the gold standard when it comes to using the mace. It is the act of allowing the mace to fall behind you like a pendulum and you catching it as it comes up from the bottom of that pendulum. It can be done both ways, with two hands or with one hand. If you can master the swing, then you can learn the rest of the movements.

This Tool, in particular, is excellent for MMA athletes or combat sports in general. We will go into more specifics as the article goes on. The act of relaxing and tensing as you swing the mace mimicks the throw of a punch; the pendulum action replicated what it is like to throw an opponent, There are not many tools that can solve as many problems in one single tool.

Shoulder Stability and Strength


The muscles of the shoulder can be extremely vulnerable. The Shoulder is made up of multiples of muscles. The stability of the joint is substantially dependant on soft tissues. These soft tissues need to be strengthened in a variety of different angles. The Mace helps a accomplish this. The mace swing as described before allows the shoulder to move throughout its entire range of motion. This is important because the structures of the shoulder need to be strengthened in the weakest areas possible to create that strong and stable shoulder.

There could be and will be a question of a load when it comes to choosing a weight you need to start small and move into larger loads as the shoulder gains strength. This isn’t a revelation, but it is essential. Because the joint does go through its entire range of motion, there will be weaker sections as the mace passes through them. If you take a long-term approach to the mace like you are mastering a martial art, this will be the best way to reap all of the benefits from it.

Core Stabilization

If you have ever tried to throw a soccer ball back into play, you know how weak that outstretch position can be. The bottom of the pendulum section of the mace swing is precisely that position.

It leaves your torso total open, stretching the abdominals in the process. The upswing of the mace as you pull it back in front of you is the contractual section for your abs to engage. The mace itself as it spins around your body leaves one side of the core working harder than the other. Constantly alternating as the “weapon” rotates around your body.

This action requires both isometric and concentric strength in your core through a single mace rotation. A strong core will make the mace swing that much easier and the mace swing is going to increase your ability to develop that strong core.

A strong set of abs transfers over into every single athletic event. Your core is the base in which all power is transfer, and with it, you will become a heck of a lot more efficient no matter the sport you play, especially combat sports as you are put into compromising position through out a fight.

Novel And Fun

This one is simple and won’t need much explanation. It is fun, simple. New things are fun for an athlete doing the same things over and over again. This is a new tool to many out there; it will be fun and refreshing for many athletes as they start to use it. Nothing for than that, training should have some levels of fun, do not get it twisted though this tool will create a love-hate relationship rather fast as you increase your ability to use it!

Conditioning At Its Finest

A mace and a tire are like a match made in heaven, this form of conditioning training will burn out your lungs, increase muscular efficiency and allow you to develop some seriously sustain power throughout whatever event you compete in.

Using the tire just allows you to catch the rebound as well as save your joints. This movement is great for developing the muscular capacity to throw opponents with explosiveness. For more on this movement check out this article.

High rep or timed sets of mace swings is another great way to increase the work capacity of the upper body. It is important to know that segmented conditioning may not be the best way to develop athletic performance, but it is great for variety.


Now, I understand this is a new tool. Something that is going to either intrigue you or you will be indifferent to it. However, do not sleep on this tool. It has deep roots in physical culture specifically in the warrior cultures of history. You too can reap all of those benefits from using the macebell.

You will have fun doing so which is a bonus but not the real reasons. Shoulder stability and strength are one of the leading benefits of using this tool. You will train your shoulders throughout their entire range of motion. Which both helps prevent injury as well as develops excellent power.

The other main benefit is the fact that you will build a strong and functional core. Training the abdominals in ways that are seldom seen. Using both isometric and concentric contractions as the mace moves around the body. This will help all aspects of athletic performance.

Allow your inner warrior to take over as you use this tool. You will learn a new way to train as well as have just a little bit of fun as you do so!

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