Mental Toughness is a Key to Athletic Success

mental toughness
mental toughness

Mental toughness is a trait that seems to elude a lot of today’s up and comers and it may seem like something that is hard to nail down but I have my own hypothesis on why it seems that kids these days bitch too much and never put their heads down and get shit done. People are too focused on the future without even putting in the work to call themselves a success in whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish.

We live in a world where kids are choosing a different career every 2-3 years because they have not found whatever it is they desire quite yet. They are striving for the good life without realizing that external things are never really going to fulfill that need and desire.

Purpose First

We all strive for purpose in this world, we all want to make some kind of impact and we all strive to be looked at as a success but very few of us are willing to take the punches in the mouth time and time again to get to where we really want in this life.

The ability to take an ass kicking is as important as it is to be able to hand one out. It is critical to the development of mental and physical toughness that you are exposed to an endless barrage of challenges as well as accomplishment.

It is easy to sit here and read about what it takes to get mentally strong, or easy even for me to write about what it takes to get mentally strong. What really matters are the actions taken toward the end goal.

A clear and decisive goal that must mesh deeply with who you are to the core. Not something that you read about and thought oh I may be good at it. I guarantee you will quit on it at the first on sight of danger or challenge. That is my view on how today’s youth never seem to have a direction.

Direction and purpose are the same things in my book. Your purpose is your north star and without it, you will never truly know what direction you are going. You need to have a vision for your life and without it, you will fall for anything that may seem to have some form of upside and once that form of upside seems to fade away you will quit.

Make The Best Of Your Time

There is no shame is stopping something that is only serving to waste both yours and others time. But I urge you to get clear on what it is you want. Connect with it. It does not matter what it is that you want. Forming believes that your purpose is not good enough for others is absurd. Who gives a Sh*t what other people think of your purpose. There are 8 billion people on this planet. You should only be worried about the people your purpose serve. Those that criticize your purpose are not the ones who you are going to effect anyways. They can go kick rocks, you are on a mission here.

serve other people to the best of your ability. That is what this life is all about. Being clear on what it is you want to do. It will only enhance your ability to do your work. You will have no problem dealing wit a roadblock and those challenges, and those punches in the mouth. you’ll stand there and take them with a smile because you know that those things are only going to bring you to an entirely new level. It will bring you closer to your goal because guess what those challenges are going to make you a more resolved person, a stronger person.

It Is Ok To be Vulnerable

Ok, what does any of this have to do with cultivating mental toughness? It has almost everything to do with it because being willing to take the steps and being willing to be vulnerable in spite of hardships, and the possibility of failure has everything to do with the connection to what it is you truly want to accomplish in this life. It does not matter if it is a career goal, a fitness goal, a relationship goal. The bonds you make with those goals and desires are going to determine whether you fight for them or simply quit on them.

Being willing to step out into the unknown, learn, accept challenges,  become uncomfortable all for the greater good and the eventual surpassing of your goals is going to drive you to only get better at your craft.

Find Your Practice

Finding your practice is something I always preach. What is it that you want to get better at, what is it that makes you wake up in the morning. What do you most look forward to doing every single day of your life? If you are not manifesting a life around that thing then you are missing out on what we all consider the good life.

Having money and being wealthy has little to do with being fulfilled. Yes, money may buy you “freedom:” freedom to do material things but one thing money can’t buy is fulfillment. You will never feel fully accomplished until your life’s purpose and you are one.

DO NOT fall for you need to have a 9-5 job and be a miserable fallacy to make it in this life. If you know what you are going to do with your life than those 9-5 jobs are simply tools for you to use to reach your end goal. They are minor inconveniences on your way to your purpose.

They are not who you need to become. These are the people that seem to get trapped in those mundane jobs that simply make up excuses as to why they can’t get out of it. They have rent to pay, they have debt, they don’t have the time. And the list goes on and on. That is a weak mindset. There are 24 hours in a day and you are at work for 8 of them you sleep 6 of them. What are you doing with the remaining time on the clock?

Make A Difference

It better be working toward what you want in this life because if you are watching tv the entire time then you are an a**hole. That’s right you are an a**. You have it in you to affect someone else’s life, in some way and you are wasting that potential on Game Of Thrones? That is irresponsible to the world and most importantly to yourself. Get up and do what it is you connect with. Passion is a word that is thrown around a lot these days and I am going to do the same here.

Your Passion and your purpose are the same things but the passion is the verb of it. What I mean by that is passion is a driving force. It is something you can physically see in someone. You can always tell when someone is passionate about something. It is used as a descriptor of those we admire. “so and so is so passionate about such and such” does that sound familiar?

It should because I know you have said it to someone because I know I have. You need to exude that passion in everything you are doing. That passion is going to drive you toward your purpose. The passion is going to inspire others around you. That passion is going to get you to your goals. With a smile on your face no matter how big or small the obstacles in your way are.

Continuous Growth

So, if you want to gain some mental toughness, you want to be a better person, you want to accomplish big things in this life. Guess what time to get to work. You have the ability to do whatever it is you want. As long as your purpose is aligned with who you are. As long as you connect on a visceral level with that purpose, and as long as you exude passion toward that end goal.

These are easy traits to talk about but are completely different things to manifest in real life. It will come through if you make the decision right now to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Give your head a shake, be honest with what you truly want to do.Forget about the judgments of the small few and focus on the possible millions of people you can serve. Haters will hate and guess what lovers will love. Focus on those lovers and you will become fulfilled!

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