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Supplements have been a part of sports for an extended period. From those sour tasting pre-workout powders to the bulky protein shakes, supplements have become an additive to the training of the most elite athletes to the weekend warriors. But by golly, can they be expensive–especially the good stuff!
But did you know there is a way for you to reach that optimal level of performance using pure, natural substances that you can find at your local grocery store? Here are a couple of ways I enhance my overall training without breaking my piggy bank.

Of all the teas, black tea, stemming from the unique Camellia sinensis plant, is the most energy boosting hot drink that you can digest. I have a cup of black tea each morning with my breakfast to give me that caffeinated lift. You can find black teas and black tea blends in various flavors such as Earl Gray or English Breakfast. My favorite is TAZO English Breakfast, from Target at $3.09

I add a teaspoon of whole flaxseeds to my workout drink which helps to keep me hydrated and replenished during those hot, treacherous workouts. If you aren’t a fan of the entire seedy taste, grounded flaxseeds are also available to you with the same benefits of fiber, omega-3 acids, and protein. I use Spectrum Essentials Flaxseed Omega-3 & Lignans Dietary Supplement from Sprouts Framer’s Market, $4.49

POST WORKOUT: Food, Food, & More Food
Don’t get me wrong; protein powder is an excellent option for a quick post-workout fuel. However, having a hearty meal full of quality protein ingredients is a far better choice. After training, I like to have either fish or chicken, with a palm size of white and two hands full of sauteed spinach. Yum!

Here is a list of 7 high-quality protein meals from STACKS that I find to be simple, affordable, and most of all, tasty! 

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