Powdered Chalk vs Liquid Chalk


I have been training with weightlifting equipment for over a decade now, and I still remember the very first time I used chalk. It was a life-changing moment. It was like going from running with no shoes on, to running with the most expensive pair of professional marathon shoes.

For anyone out there that is not sure what chalk is when it comes to training it is a tool used to enhance the grip of anyone lifting weights or even during gymnastics. It comes in two forms.

The original powder form and the new liquid form. We will discuss the pros can cons of both! This will be a short article, getting right to the pros and cons of each product. No need for a 1500 word article on chalk!

Powdered Chalk


  • Cheap
  • A box lasts a long time
  • Hand size blocks
  • Easily accessible (stores have it)
  • Great Coverage


  • Extremely Messy
  • Need a separate container
  • Need to use it every set

Liquid Chalk


  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • No mess (really)
  • Only need to reapply every so often (sticks to hands better)


  • Expensive
  • A bottle does not last long

And The Winner Is…

The answer is both. Ya, I know your calling BS  you want to know what to buy I get it. However, hear me out. When it comes to powdered chalk its great for a place that does not mind the mess. Powdered chalk makes a mess all over the place but it is also great for hand coverage and provides excellent grip, but it is messy.

Now, if you train at a gym that does not allow chalk or you are in the middle of traveling the liquid chalk is your go to. It does not cause a mess, and it requires fewer applications because it tends to stay on your hands a little bit better.

So it is that simple if you can afford both get both if one fits your lifestyle better than the other then by all means just get the one the works best for you.

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