Why The Shortcut Is A Devious Lie!


Your Being Lied To!

Your brain hates discomfort. It wants the easy road. It doesn’t want to be put through any more than it has to be. The mind is an efficient monster. It does not want to waste energy on things. It wants to be put the most efficient use possible. If it sees a shortcut, it wants to take it. Not knowing that ramifications for taking that shortcut. There is no hack for long-term success. The hack is a buzz word termed to make things seem more natural.

Many of the hacks you see are merely smart uses of time they are not however shortcuts. You think to cut your workout short because you have “worked hard enough” is going to get you to the league you better believe that your mind is playing a dirty trick with you. The shortcut is a lie. It is a short-term means of gratification with a minimal long-term payoff. You learn nothing from taking shortcuts. All it serves to do is take away from your potential.


Taking the shortcut is the weakness. It is a sign of your inability to soldier on during tough times. It is your mind telling you it is ok to slack on the journey to where you want to be. This is not acceptable for someone who wants long and lasting success. If you’re going to be the most excellent athlete at your position you better believe those that came before you did not take the shortcut. They asked for the harder road. They show strength when the rest of the world is showing weakness. The weakness of your mind spills over to the weakness of your body.

This all may sound extremely over dramatic, and it may be, but at the same time, you need to understand that weakness spreads and can take over even with the slightest bit of slack. You have to control your ability to shut down weakness. Your ultimate goal should be on your mind at all times. That goal will keep you on that path. The path of completion and no weakness. We are all going to have days that we want to quit; we want to rest, we want to take some time off, or even think about taking that minor shortcut. Don’t shut it down right away.

The Journey Is The Destination

As an athlete, your training, and your grind should be enjoyed. You do not have to love it you do however have to respect it. Athletes need to enjoy that journey and live in the journey, or you are not going to get the work done at the greatest ability.

Your journey as a person will be filled with hardships; you will make mistakes, things won’t go smoothly all the time. The way in which you handle this difficulty and pains are going to transform you into better athletes, a better person. It is not what happens to you that matters it is how you react to the things going on in your world that will define how your journey ultimate ends up.

If you as an athlete can keep your goal in mind but not obsess over that particular part of the journey but obsess over those day to day objectives. Caring more about your daily training. The steps in which will lead you to that goal you will be better off! You will appreciate your path and your journey toward that goal. The goal is just the bonus to your daily hard work.

Success Is Built On A Solid Foundation

Your success is not luck. It is not something that just happens. Imagine if you could merely be successful because you wished it to be. Every single person on this planet would be successful. There would be no failures, and there would be a planet free of conflict.

We, however, live in a world that is unfair, it is not the place of sunshine and rainbows, and that is okay. That is the way in which it should be. Darwinian philosophy is a concept that holds up in athletics. Only the strong survive. Success is built off of your work. Your sweat equity. Your ability to train hard in spite of the world wanting to break you down.

Success is going to come to those who are not worried too much about that success. They are concerned about being the best they can be. Success is built on a foundation that is filled with early mornings, hard work, grit and your ability to pound through all of the obstacles that are going to be put in your way.

Embrace The Struggle

The struggle is where you grow. Your the shortcut life will show you are going to rob you of that growth. Athletes need conflict. In fact, humans need struggle. As an athlete, you should be asking for more battle. Your ability to be the strongest both of mind and body. The human being cannot be that without the struggle. The struggles we face every day are going to do 1 of 2 things. They will beat us, or we will beat it. It is that simple.

Shortcuts will take all of that potential growth away from you. It will take away your opportunity of growth away from you. The short-term gratification will ultimately take you down a road that is further away from your goal. Shortcuts are a fallacy. They do not bring you closer to your goal or toward mission completion.

In fact, it takes you further away from your mission. You will be left less of an athlete than you could have possibly been. Embracing the struggle is going allow you to become the strongest version of yourself. That is what will make you the best athlete possible. I understand that the shortcut looks enticing. It is the natural path that always seems like the right one to take. Do not allow yourself to fall into that weakness!



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