Strength Is Strength No Matter How You Show It


Strength is a very loaded term. Everyone thinks when you mention the word strong you think of a guy benching 3 plates a side or a guy deadlifting a ridiculous amount of weight. These acts in themselves seem taboo to 90% of the world’s population. As a matter of fact, if anyone decided to show some type of strength in their life everyone looks in disgust because they’re not going along with the status quo.

Strength is not about the body purely, it’s about a multitude of character traits a human being can display from mental, spiritual, physical, and downright instinct. There is this new concept that has been growing like wildfire this concept of being ALPHA meaning being someone others follow, being a leader. And the opposite concept of being a beta or in other words someone who is a follower or “weaker”. I am not going to argue that there are a lot of “beta” people in our society, but I am a true believer that this is only because they wish to stay “beta.”

Let me explain, I believe that alpha males or females are always going to remain that however, I’m a firm believer that even alphas have to be beta in order to grow. Or in other words, leaders have to be followers sometimes. My point is everyone is an alpha at something, everyone has a passion and with that passion comes strength, strength in knowledge. Never stop learning.  And never stop growing. This is going to be a simple guide to finding whatever makes you the strongest person you can become.


A strong mind is a key to a strong body. Being mentally prepared for whatever you tackling can be a monumental task. Here are some suggestions to make your mind sharp.

  • Study: become a master of your trade read books on whatever it is your passionate about. it will build an extreme confidence in your abilities.
  • Positivity is king. Disregard as much negativity in your life as possible. Surround yourself with positive and all that will come will be positive
  • Allow uncomfortable situations make you grow: Don’t freak out when confronted with a situation that you are not used to. Keep a level head and learn from it. You never grow from staying in the comfort zone. Take on new things!


Having a soul and being spiritual does not mean you have to believe in a higher being. Everyone has their own beliefs and I’m not here to push one or the other. Facts are something started this world we live in wither you believe in science and evolution or you believe in your religions god. Being spiritual is being at peace with yourself and the world you’re in. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

  • Take comfort in what you believe.
  • Stand up for your core values and beliefs and never waiver from it.
  • Meditate: Find whatever style of meditation that affects you and go with it. Embrace it. I’m positive that you will become a better-rounded person for doing so. I suggest Binaural beat meditation.
  • practice your faith, pray, or study what you believe in


  • Find a type of exercise that you love to do
  • Move around, sitting is death.
  • Make you as strong as you can be inside the weight room or even outside. Again do things that make you uncomfortable. It’s how your body grows!


  • Strength coming from the heart and without thought. (when a mom lifts a car to save her baby)
  • The mind is a powerful thing however it can be a burden at the same time. it causes us to think so much about situations causing doubt and when you’re living life there is no room for doubt.
  • When training and doing things in your life try to do it with an empty head. The body is only as strong as the mind lets it be and what the body can do with its instincts is incredible compared to its imprisoned state.


Being strong is a loaded term; everyone is strong in their own way. Mental, Spiritual, Physical, instinctual. The goal in life is to become the best you can be in all 4 of these categories. Its ok to be a “beta” in an area just know your definitely an “ALPHA” in another area. Learn from people as much as you teach to people and practice all your beliefs and values and you will succeed in whatever avenue of life you decide to take. Remember weakness is a choice… choose strength!

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