To Succeed Is Hard, To Fail Is Easy


Failure is easy, but success is hard! It sounds so wrong, but it is true. When you fail, more people can relate and are there to help you and your responsibility never increase. When you succeed, your trust grows. People look to you more for help. Everything you used to do is now not enough. That is why people often say that some people are scared of success.

They are afraid of who they would have to become to maintain. Failing over and over means that you can keep your life the same. Because the average person is used to failing a lot, so when they see you fail they know how to come along side you.

When they see you reaching new heights, they often don’t know how to respond or how they can help. That causes a lot of people to separate from you when they see you succeed, making success feel much more laborious.

Failure Keep You Comfortable

When you fail, we think it often sounds so hard but what do we usually do whether we want to or not? We carry on with life! Of course, we struggle and we feel sad, but it is also a reminder that we will be staying on the same level. It keeps us in a place of comfort.

If we are trying to go to a school that is far from home over the local school and we fail to get in, we are left disappointed, but we are also left with more comfort. That is why people often talk about how you need to be uncomfortable to succeed. Too much comfort breeds failure because you’re not forcing yourself to stretch and grow enough.

A similar environment means predictable people surround you. Even when you are trying to change, they are often not, and they are more than happy to make sure that you stay the same. If you start to change and grow it will make them uncomfortable. So they encourage you to fail a profound down hope you fail so then you never change, and they can treat you the same, so they don’t have to change.

It sounds messed up, but the family can sometimes be the worst for this. They see you doing bigger things, and they start saying that you think you’re too good for them now and stupid things like that. Those are signs that they see you trying to pull away and they don’t like it.

Warning Words to Look Out For 

Hearing the words above do not always mean you are in the right and they are in the wrong. You should stop an reflect on what they are saying and evaluate if it is coming from a good place or a fearful place. Do they think you work so much or is that they work so little you make them feel bad? Those are two entirely different scenarios using the same words.

Success Forces Growth

Even if you have none of the above around you and your environment is fantastic, it does not mean you don’t need to push yourself into discomfort. Discomfort forces growth quicker than anything else. We don’t grow and get better naturally.

A lot of times we think that because we are getting older that we are getting better. That is a huge assumption. Age does not always bring growth in anything other than the number of years we have been alive. The problem is we take this point of view through life.

Real growth comes from being forced into a situation you don’t want to be in. Some people think the world is a horrible place because bad things happen. The truth is that if bad things did not occur people would never make a change. The best businesses and ideas often come out of dangerous situations and coming up with ways to make sure that they do not happen again.

On the flip side of that, good things happening to us also force growth because it makes us uncomfy. The worse place we can be then is right in the middle. Right where we are comfortable enough to be away from the bad, but we are still far away from the good. We are just sitting in the middle of our little protective bubble.

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