Trigger Point Therapy Grid Vibe Review

Trigger Point Therapy Grid Vibe

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This foam roller has average quality, due to several control issues.



For all that it does, it is fairly priced at $74


Our Rating

It is a decent foam roller because of all you can do with it. For example, it has built in vibration. The vibration quality, however, is here and there. It is priced fairly at $74. 

The Trigger Point Therapy Grid Vibe is a good foam roller. Its little brother, the Trigger Point Therapy Grid, however, has been a top ranked foam roller on the market for some time now.

Questionable Quality?

The addition of vibration into the foam roller would and should be seen as a bonus, but reports have shown that the quality control on the Grid Vibe leaves much to be desired. 

Great Alternative

If you an athletes just wants a solid product, than you will likely enjoy this product. It compares really well with the Hyperice Vyper.

The price for the Trigger Point Therapy Grid Vibe is sitting is a really good spot, especially if you get your hands on a well made one. It is only $74, a fraction of the cost of many of its market competitors.

Athletes Love TP

Trigger Point Therapy provides rehab/prehab devices that many athletes across the world seem to love! Trigger Point therapy has served the athletic community well. This foam roller has everything the original grid has to offer, plus added vibration settings. 

If you are willing to take a gamble on it, we are confident that it will be worth it for you. We also hope that Trigger Point Therapy improves manufacturing process of this foam roller.


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    Solid Foam Roller
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    Decent Vibration
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    Patented Foam Pattern 


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    Questionable Quality