When You Are Not Where You Thought You Would Be

Where you thought you would be

Life is hard, and it can be tough when you are just not where you thought you would be. You often have benchmarks of what your life will look like at a certain age. With social media, the comparisons to others just make you feel worse about yourself. When we see others in the position we thought we would be in, it makes us feel worthless and like we are living life wrong.

This episode is one that you may want to listen to a few times because this is a feeling that occurs multiple times throughout our lives. You also may want to share it with some friends because it really can strike a chord with so many young adults and teenagers.

Justin Burns is a former football player, strength coach, head of growth hacking at Kho, and Writer for Athletic Courage. Justin and Ian went to high school together at Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario.


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