Your Attitude Can Decide Your Destiny

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I always laugh at people who think that because they sit here and say hey I am going to be greatest, that means they are confident in themselves. Being confident in yourself all comes down to your attitude. Are you the type of person that when things get tough, you step your mind set up, or you just want to quit and crawl in your bed and hide for a week.   I always say if you can’t handle the crappy times you will never deserve the GREAT ones.

Your attitude affects everything about how you carry yourself. Try and have a sour attitude towards something while holding a beautiful big smile on your face. It can’t be done when you are sour it shows in your face and your attitude, and then people do not want to be around you.  Deep down inside when you are down on yourself, your mind will make it harder to continue pushing forward.

Sometimes It’s Like Being In A Relationship.

At this point, I have been in a long distance relationship for two years, and one thing I have learned is that your attitude can change the outlook of the whole relationship.  Times are going to be hard, and in relationships, you are going to have disagreements its life, and two people that close to each other cannot possibly agree on everything.  The key though is what happens to your mindset after a disagreement comes. I found my attitude always led me to think like “this relationship will never last, or what is wrong with this girl, or I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.  I will put it like this… none of those thoughts ever made anything better.

In turn, when I kept the positive in my mind it made me happy instead of getting upset, and I was a much more pleasant person.  During disagreements, I started to remind myself of how much I love my girlfriend, and I reminded myself that I had to stay confident with things.  It makes a huge difference in the relationships.  It all came down to what I thought in my head, because how I thought affected my attitude, my tone, my actions and everything else.  It makes me wonder why we are ever negative in life when it truly never does us any good.

Sports Can Be The Same

Are you only happy when you win; is that the only thing that does it for you? The fact is that sports can throw disappointments at you from all the over place. We all have plans as athletes, and I bet you they all end with us being the best. What separates those who reach their goals and those who don’t come down to a severe attitude check?

Anyone can get injured and complain about it, I have been there. What is most important is how fast you get back on your feet. How hard you work when you are back on your feet. What you do the next opportunity you get to shine. All that can only be done with a positive attitude because with a negative mindset, you will question yourself, and if you are questioning that you can never get better in that state of mind.

Match That Powerful Thought With Powerful Work Ethic

Here is what I love about work ethic. We all think we have it, but so few do. I always think of it like being busy. Everyone in this world at this day in age thinks they are so busy, but people get confused between being busy and wasting time.  Everyone thinks they work their butts off to get where they want to be. The people who do not work hard, in reality, blamed the rest of the world when they do not get better instead of accepting where they have come up short.  Never think that some people are successful because they are just luckier than the rest of the world.

The Quick Guide To A Great Attitude

Step 1– Smile

Step 2– Be positive at all times, understand that everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad a situation a positive side can come from it

Step 3- Work hard at practice and be positive about training and competition

Step 4– Figure out that being an athlete does not have to be difficult

Step 5– Help others do the same

Step 6- Smile because you are on your way to a successful career

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