Hyperice Vyper Foam Roller Review

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

hyperice vyper


The Hyperice Vyper is built like a truck. Solid construction and great technology.



By far the most expensive foam roller on this list. It may be out of range for many athletes at $199


Our Rating

The Hyperice Vyper is a great foam roller. It is the most sophisticated foam roller we have reviewed. It is built extremely well and provides the user some really good  benefits. The price however may be out of the range of a lot of athletes.

Great Construction

The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 is an amazing foam roller. It provides the users with fantastic vibration. It is made from extremely durable eco friendly poly-proplyene outshell.

All the magic happens at the core of this foam roller. All of the technology is built right into the center of the foam roller. It contains a vibrating system that has three levels. 

Range Of Frequencies

The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 has three vibrating frequencies. (45, 68, 92 HZ). It is the most powerful vibrating foam roller on the market. creating up to 6.9, 7.8, and 8.8 G-Force with each corresponding frequency. 

Ultra Effective

Hyperice claims that this foam roller increases your effectiveness in foam rolling by 40% this compared to 18% of a normal foam roller. I am not sure how accurate that is because I have not used it for long enough to confirm that statement.

Battery Life

The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 is a rechargeable foam roller. Offering up a lithium ion battery that can last up to 2 hours per use. Which is great considering many do not spend longer than 20 minutes at a time using a foam roller. It would give you 6 uses per charge. Decent for a really good vibrating foam roller.

Big Price Tag

The biggest set back for the Hyperice Vyper is the staggering price tag applied to it. Many people have a hard time spending more than $50 for a foam roller never mind $199 for a single foam roller that vibrates. It is going to fulfill a very small market. I do not see the average athlete spending that much on a roller.  

However, if you are in the market for a top of the pile foam roller and have the extra cash for a foam roller then by all means this is your tool!


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    Great Construction
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    Good Battery Life
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