Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor Review

Mio Link



The Mio Link is built rather ruggedly. Made of a rubber material that feels strong enough and sturdy enough.



It is priced on the higher end for what it does. It is missing some of the key features. It is prices at $59


Our Rating

This device is good, It is not the best device on the market. We like that it sits on the wrist snugly as to avoid inaccurate readings. Overall it is a decent device that will give you what you need if you are simply looking for heart rate data only.

The Mio Link heart rate monitor is a wrist worn heart rate monitor that uses an optical sensor to measure and track your heart rate.

It has a solid construction but the fact that it is a wrist worn heart rate monitor leaves its accuracy into question. If you are doing any training with excessive arm movement you may have a hard time getting good heart rate data.

It does connect to popular fitness applications as well as other devices. It is a fairly simple heart rate monitor and does not come with all the bells ans whistles other heart rate monitors have today.


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    Rugged Construction
  • angle-double-right
  • angle-double-right
    Heart rate zone indicator


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    Wrist placement
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    Lack of features