Nike Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike Shoes

Nike Zoom Rival

Whenever I make the wrong decison when buying running spikes, I go back to Nike. What I realized as a sprinter is when it comes to choosing the best sprint spikes, Nike Zoom Rival S 8 is definitely the model others benchmark against.


Nike Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike Shoes Racer

Nike Zoom Rival

Grab yourself Nike Zoom Rival S 8 and go with the flow. Nanoply forefoot composite upper offers support and breathability. Flywire cables are integrated in the Nike Zoom Rival S 8 model so the lacing system delivers an adaptive, supportive fit through the midfoot. The Solid rubber over the heel improves grip, durability and performance. Nike Zoom Rival Spikes are very lightweight and very sturdy. The 7-spike receptacles and secondary elements provide maximum propulsion, speed and traction. The shoes are extremely comfy, smooth and very well statured. They run true to size, look great and feel great. Just what you need, right? The material they are made of makes Nike Zoom Rival very easy to clean.

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You must be prepared that this Nike Zoom Rival model of spikes is only best for sprints. So if your goal is to look for a pair for jogging, distance running, or cross country spikes, these are not going to meet your needs. For that occasion, we have some alternatives to make your shopping journey easier.

Nike Zoom Rival XC Cross Country Distance Spikes

No matter the terrain nor the distance, these shoes have to stay in shape and place. They have to have to ability to do it all on various surfaces. The foam around the ankle is adding weight on wet, muddy courses. On the other hand, the narrow mesh upper wraps the foot nicely. To have all hands clean, these guys went for performance first, giving the shoe a stiff spike plate, designed to advance a powerful, frontrunner’s pace, from middle-distance track races to cross country.

Nike Zoom Rival

Nike Zoom Victory 3 Unisex Racing Spike

The Nike Zoom Victory 3 Unisex Racing Spike features a modern design for an ultra-lightweight feel. Those looking for minimalist design will find it perfect for cross country conditions. They have integrated cleat system for better traction in soft and hazardous areas. The Zoom Victory 3 spikes are excellent for medium and long distance runs.

Nike Zoom Victory

Providing you with a more natural feel for running, the tighter fit leads to less rubbing and fit issues for runners. The cleats and soles are designed to get a tight grip on loose surfaces with the upper part made of breathable and flexible materials to provide better comfort. On the other hand, you will run faster and longer due to the use of lightweight materials while having proper ventilation and zones support. Additionally, six detachable 1/4 in. pyramid spikes and sharkskin heel pad provide optimal grip.

They come in several combinations. They do belong to a little bit higher price range than regular sprints, however, you got opt-in for the best for various terrains and just do it.


The popularity and the size of Nike speak volume for themselves. Managing to stay in line with the newest technological and market challenges, investing into new designs and research, Nikes will remain the brand that leads and paves the way for all other brands. From running spikes to basketball and from Jordan to Back to the Future, the spikes brand that young people created in the past is already shaping our own future.