ASICS Review: Best Track Spikes

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Finding something different on the shelves, something better than your previous track spikes which didn’t last long, can be frustrating. I’ve been there, felt that. Just because I know what that feels like, I wanted to present you ASICS, a brand which surpassed my expectations in any way.


A Japan brand which was introduced to the United States in the 1977. Brought with itself a totally different approach in the manufacturing of track spikes and apparel. As a new brand, Asics appeared on the market because of their dedicated analyzes of human body's movements. Several room tests for different materials presented a whole new revolutionary offer on the market!

The name ASICS  comes from the Latin phrase – Anima Sana in Corpore Sano, or known as - a sound mind in a sound body. Behind company’s name, there are around 200 people who work in the field of research. Many rooms equipped with remarkable technology and innovations in sport's shoes and apparel make that possible. Staying true to their name, ASICS’s manufacture is based on the anatomy and physiognomy of body movements. Therefore, ASICS continues to improve the sports equipment and brings track spikes and other equally important gear to a whole another level of quality. In the first place, they are undoubtedly bringing quality, comfortable and durable running spikes, closer to professionals and recreational athletes all over the United States and the world.

ASICS Men’s Hypersprint 5 Running Shoe

Great pair of track spikes for an even greater price! When it comes to looking for sprint spikes, ASICS has an offer that you won’t be able to refuse it. Being not only very lightweight and very sturdy, but also extremely comfortable, sleek and very nice looking, makes them very good for the purpose.  The material they are made of makes them very easy to clean. The price is very reasonable and better than most of running spikes available in the stores. These track spikes are very good for sprinting with the narrow soles they possess. You would definitely love them! Furthermore, they seem to be so lightweight that gives you a feeling of running barefoot. They hold 5 spikes (3mm 1/8’’).

track spikes

You must have in mind that these spikes are only best for sprints. So if you are looking a pair of jogging, distance running or jumping, these are not going to meet your race’s needs. For that occasion, we have some alternatives to make your shopping journey easier.

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ASICS Men’s Cross Freak 2 Cross Country Spike

For the benefit of every athlete specialized in cross country running, ASICS brought this extremely comfortable and nice looking cross-country spike. With being made after so many researches done, from professionals whose aim is to keep the sound mind in a sound body in every athlete, these spikes are everything that a cross-country runner should have.

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ASICS Men’s Long Jump Pro Track Spike

This long jump spikes are built for top speed on the track. The upper mesh is well arranged to provide flexibility and breathability. Pebax plate designed for mid-distance running and outsole that reduces weight, providing more aggressive approach into the pit. Available in black, flash coral and silver version.

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A brand which invests a lot in research while staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, deserves your trust. Furthermore, the technological advances they have, as a mater of fact, continue to improve their products. Additionally, this brand is striving to be a leader in manufacturing the best track spikes, among the giant companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. And my experience and other customers’, is that soon it will be a true leader on the market.