4 Supplements To Use, 4 Not To Use


Supplements To Use

Protein Powder

Protein powder is food. It is basically a food product. There is definitely some science and production behind it but at the end of the day, it is food. Protein powder is a convenient way to get in the calories you need, keep your protein level high, and to maintain a good appetite throughout the day.

Protein powder comes in a variety of forms, from whey, casein, and a myriad of play based proteins you can use it for any diet, or ethical situation you can think of. The most common however is whey protein which has been studied enough to know that it is great for athletic performance and recovery.


Creatine is another big supplement. It is highly effective for increasing your performance in the gym. It’s also one of the most is not the most studied supplement on the market. It is great at increases your bodies ability to produce ATP. ATP is the muscles first source of energy.

Creatine comes in many forms. It has an attached ether that changes the viability of the supplement. However, the most studied creatine is creatine monohydrate. Many feel they get some stomach issues from monohydrate. That is where creatine hydrochloride comes into play. Either way, the use of creatine in your training plan can increase your performance. It is good to have around.

Fish Oils

Fish oils are a great supplement. Good fish oils are going to increase your bodies ability to fight off inflammation. They are going to keep your body in a state of healing. A common unknown about fish oils is there ability to increase your brain cognitive function. They are great for staying focused. They increase your ability to get tasks done with efficiency as well as effectiveness.

Fish oils play a big role in cardiac health as well. Findings show it reducing your chances of heart attack, It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, prevent plaque build-up in arteries and improve your bodies triglycerides. All of these are beneficial to human beings, not just athletes.


Gut health is an important part of all humanity. Having a healthy gut is going to improve your daily life. For those that are unaware our gut is made up of a lot of living cultures. These cultures are sometimes killed off or eliminated from the body and we have to do our best to replenish those cultures.

Either through the food, we eat or through the supplements we take. Yogurts, Kiefer, pickles, fermented cabbage, and a laundry list of other food items will provide you with these probiotics. However, sometimes we may not like eating these food items. Health food stores do offer a long list of health beneficial probiotics in capsule form.

Probiotics help to increase and boost your immune systems. Gut health is connected directly to illness. Those with less than well gut health will generally be in some form or fashion. Those with a good gut environment are generally the picture of good health.

Supplements Not To Use

Testosterone Boosters

Many testosterone boosters simply do not work. They are not going to do anything for your increases in muscle mass and they may provide some forms of increase in libido. It is not enough o shell out some of the money they charge for them. They are filled with natural herbs generally and those are just the good ones. Some are filled with rather dangerous substances that could potentially affect you the long time.

They are not worth the price of admission. The best way to increase testosterone is to increase sleep, train, change your diet, and even increasing the amount of sex you are currently having. If you are having problems or suspect you are having problems with your testosterone levels your first call should be to your health care provider.

Fat Burners

Fat burners prey on the thought that they are going to help you lose weight and lose weight fast. Now they do help aid in thermogenesis which in turn will help you lose fat. They are effective but they are also dangerous. Many people think to pop fat burners all day is going to make up for years of bad habits.

Fat burners should not be introduced into an athletes regimen for a couple of reasons. They are a shortcut. As many people have said. There are no shortcuts. Taking the easy way out is not the best way for anything. Especially putting these substances into your system. Many of those looking to seek short-term gain can possibly alienate the long term. Many fat burners do not have declared substances in the product. This leads to unknown health complications down the road.


There are plenty of studies out there that pin multivitamins as being a great way to increase the price of your pee. That saying that you simply pee out most of the ingredients in the products. There is little evidence to say that the use of these products has any real health benefits outside of the placebo effect.

The dosages of these pills of certain vitamins and minerals may not even equal up to recommended daily amounts. The fact that any evidence as to the effectiveness of a vitamin supplement is missing is enough to tell athletes to save their money. Take the money that you would be spending on these supplements and get yourself some real fruits and veggies. Full of the nutrients these vitamins say they have.


Caffeine is a stimulant. It is essentially a drug. It is effective and even has some health benefits that are attributed to it. However, over-consumption of it can lead to some rather unwanted effects. I am not personally a fan of pre-workout supplements but those that take them have weighed the decision. I believe f you are looking to get a pick me up you can rely on some good old coffee or green tea. If those are not strong enough for you then you should detox and lay off the stimulants. That means your body has grown accustomed to the stimulants and is now needed more in order to be effective.

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