Dealing With Disappointing Progress


Listen, there is nothing worse than looking at someone who is the same age, went to the same highschool you went to, and happens to be, what seems light years ahead of you regarding life progress. I know exactly how that feels. I have been in this exact boat. Comparing my life to others, having the feeling that you are the only one not making big moves as a person. If you are an athlete, then it could be you see someone who was once your equal making huge leaps and bounds in performance and career. I get it.

Let me tell you all a little about myself. When I was in highschool I was team captain of the football team, on my way to big things on the gridiron, I was a national level powerlifter, and I had high grades in all of my classes. My life looked like it was on the right track.

I felt like I was making significant strides in my life and could see myself going anywhere I want to. So on the athletic front, I was good. However, I had all these things but did not know what I wanted from life. I was lost. From the outside people thought I was good to go, a man on a mission but in my head I could see everyone hyperfocused on what they wanted from life. It was like I nailed down one aspect of my life, but I was missing something.

Once my football career was over I was more lost than I had ever been, I had no idea where I wanted to go with my life. It was like I was stuck in the spin cycle. I knew what I was good at, I knew the things I loved, but I was by no means where I thought I would be. I found myself looking on Facebook at those who were in my grade starting families, getting houses, moving forward in their careers, and I was still at home working as a personal trainer.

It wasn't until I found my purpose or "why" That made me focus on the journey, not the destination. I was evident that everyone goes through this at some level. Everyone wants something they don't have; they want to be the next level. Progress is a huge aspect of humanity. This article is going to bring you through the three P's to progress.


Take a moment and think about where you were a month ago, where you were a year ago, and where you were five years ago. Are you in a better place? Have you made at least some progress in some areas of your life? If the answer is a year, which I think it will be then what are you worried about?. I know three questions in a row! Now I know what your going to say the progress is not significant enough, your not making significant sufficient leaps in your life to be happy. Trust me I get it, I have been there. Let's get into this.

Where are you now? You need to gain a little perspective on your progress you need to know where you are now to get to where you want to be. You also need to know where you re not to appreciate where you were. It is essential to see the progress, reflect on it.

Where were you? Compare where you are now with where you were. This is important you need to gain that perspective to motivate your steps moving forward. Reflection is important. If you have only made some progress on your goals, then you should be asking why what are you not doing? Is it your fault? Can you control it? All these questions will help you gain that perspective. It is also a great way to motivate yourself; you are more than likely a better person, a more evolved person than you once were. You have probably made more progress then you are giving yourself credit for.

Where do you want to be? This is important. You need to be hyperfocused on your destination. You have some perspective now, you notice that you have made more progress then you thought, and you are not happy still, in general, that is ok. However, you need to realize that happiness is not a destination.

You need to realize that happiness is merely finding problems you enjoy solving. You may have goals you want to hit, that's great beat them, but once you hit that goal, you are going to be in search of the next thing.

That is human nature; we love to move forward continually. Keep in mind that the process and journey are more important than the destination because what you perceive as the target does not exist, it is a placeholder for your drive but not a tangible object. It is simple a thumbtack on a map, one that can and will be moved once you reach it, enjoy the journey!

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    Where are you now?
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    Where were you?
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    Where do you want to be?

Relax, you need to breathe. Patience is the most significant factor when it comes to your progress, do not be in a rush to get to a place that doesn't exist. It is like that driver who cuts you off only to find them at the same stop light as you. You will get where you want to get to; you just need to be a little patient, enjoy the journey as I said before.

If you were to ask some of the CEO's of fortune 500 companies if they have hit their ultimate goals they would probably tell you no. Here is why, because if they hit their goals, they would not be doing what they are doing, they reached a level and are always pushing forward to get to the next. Just because you perceive yourself as being at a certain level does not mean you won't get to the next one in time.

Your greatness is going to take time, that is just a cold hard fact you are going to have to come to terms with. It is going to take you some time to understand that your goal is not like walking to the store. It is a constant, daily grind that won't relents even if you get your "goals." All of this sound negative, or maybe I am just real.

Gary Vaynerchuk preaches patience, and he is correct when you put the pressures of having to meet societies expectations of you all it does is shove you further down this created space of disappointment. You control what effects your productivity, not society. Take control of the process; it is a merely saying I live by, Grind doesn't whine. One day, at a time!

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    Great Things Take Time
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    Grind Don't Whine
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    Live Day By Day

Ok, So you have gained a little perspective on where you re right now, you have also decided to be a little more patient. Great you are on the right path, but none of this works without persistence. You will not be able to use your new found perspective or continue to grind through your acquired patience without being persistent.

Being persistence is not stopping, getting back up everytime you get knocked down. It is taking it on the chin and getting back off that canvas with a smile on your face. It is easy to talk about persistence, talking about how you need to be relentless against your goals, having the ability to move forward through chaos and downfalls.

However, if you're why or your purpose are not strong enough you are going to have a hard time beating that ten count. You need to rely on that calling; you are going to get kicked in the face once in a while in this life. That is almost a guarantee; the lose of a loved one, getting fired, a divorce, getting cut from the team, the list could go on and on.

The facts are if your purpose is not clear you will not go on, you will have no real reason to face pain. Who wants to get kicked in the face over and over for no reason, I know I don't. Latch on to that purpose when you find yourself hitting a wall, it will be the ladder that gets you over it.

Failure is life, F.A.I.L is an acronym I use (First Attempt In Learning) Ya it sounds cheesy, almost adolescent, but it works. Failing is inevitable; it will happen far more than one time in your life. It will be ever-present, make it your friend, seek it out. Make mistakes. It is part of the journey after all!

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    Persistence is key
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    Seek Failure
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    Rely on your purpose


If you find yourself in the situation I was in then it is okay, I feel like this is part of life. Questioning why you are where you are, Comparing yourself to others, asking the questions that need to be asked.

However, it can become dangerous, make sure you apply the three P's To your life at all times. It is going to keep you focused on the journey, your journey is unique in its way, and it should not be compared to someone else.

You need to gain some perspective on where you are now compared to where you were, learn to be patient as you move forward in this life, and always get back up off that canvas when life decided to throw a left hook right to your jaw. 

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